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‘War-Crimes-R-US’ (Sadism, Barbarism, Summary Executions Are NOT Democratic)

Muammar Gaddafi’s barbaric murder on October 20, 2011 was a war crime. It violated the Third Geneva Convention of 1929 and it violated the UN Security Council Resolution #1973 of 2011.

Will it be seriously investigated and prosecuted? Probably and tragically not. Or maybe a “short-lived” (pun intended) kabuki investigation. But I am guessing not even that.

So when did American presidents and secretaries of state stop caring entirely about international law?

So when did most of America, in fact, stop caring entirely about international law?

Raw power is what it is about. Unrestrained ruthlessness rewards the ‘winners’, and ‘winners’ have license to do anything. No accountability. (Look at Goldman Sachs. What a bang they got for their million dollar bucks to Obama’s 2008 campaign. They have managed to help destroy not just our economy but that of Greece’s, apparently. Those dandy little credit default swaps are still going strong, and, no, are not even going be taxed a fraction of a cent. IN YOUR FACE, CITIZENS OF AMERICA! IN YOUR FACE, CITIZENS OF THE WORLD!! THE BASTARDS PREVAIL!)

For a good long time now the U.S. has stopped being a democracy. We are run by mobsters and their hierarchy of obsequious, amoral lackeys, whether in the corporate board rooms, the three branches of government or the corporate media.

Obama stands small as the current Mobster-in-Chief, as does Hillary Clinton as Mobster-of-State.

We are coming closer to the day when just calling out these mobsters will bring greater incidences of death, incarceration and/or torture upon us as outraged citizens of conscience. The day when for the sake of pragmatism ANY criticizer of the declared ‘might makes right fascistic status quo’ will be taken care of.

Or maybe not. Maybe there is such a tiny minority of us who actually care about morality, justice and international law, that if we choose to just stay writing about it (unlike the even tinier minority of those citizens of conscience who really put it on the line, commit acts of civil disobedience and already feel the punishing wrath of said faux-representing mobsters) we are no SERIOUS threat to the oh so busily destroying powers that be, the bastards of the universe, especially those at our own helm.

Even alternate media US blogs about Libya and the monstrous amorality of that imperialist deadly and barbaric misadventure get short shrift at best, jingoistic contempt at worst from readers.

Our CIA and black ops teams have been snuffing people of conscience out for years at home and abroad. The one kind of new U.S. governmental transparency that is actually working, ironically, is how less covert US administrations have come to behave in not hiding their ‘pragmatic’ lawlessness in snuffing out media-declared “bad guys” abroad.

I’d say Obama is our sloppiest, most ‘in your face’ president thus far (and considering W that is saying a lot, I know). How ironic he majored in the U.S. Constitution. The better to disrespect it and destroy it, apparently. Nixon and Bush were no saints but knew what they were doing was wrong in their heart of hearts I would venture. They worked in the shadows. Okay, Cheney et al., granted, have done a lot for the normalization of the horrifyingly and sadistically abnormal. But they, too, worked in the shadows, at least in the beginning.

Not our Obama. Does Obama even have a remotely working conscience? Or our present Congresspeople? The members of his administration? You know what they say about people who are guilt-free (and it ends with “-pathological”)? It seems all about gamesmanship with cutthroat rules. Maybe those shadow monsters like Nixon, Bush, Cheney and even our more “sainted” presidents and their dirty CIA deeds have made amorality totally embraceable now that we are in Obamaworld.

Let me insert here that Obama is sure capable of one feeling at times -- “embarrassment”. He sure as hell responds to that fast enough. “Impression management” is his prime motivator. But my take is that that is not a sensibility from the heart and soul and conscience. That is a sensibility of the ego. That is when the energy goes in to a hasty “cover up” of the unjust status quo rather than repairing the core problem in the system outright. Mendacity for image. Not courage for character and integrity.

Maybe those of us speaking up are protected by the vast numbers of authoritarian-following amoral zombies in the U.S. who don’t give a damn that their tax dollars and passive authorization enables unspeakable crimes to be perpetrated on human lives globally and domestically. And they trust the personality amiability of the likes of Obama and Clinton and other pimped-out tools of the oligarchs especially those reassuring cowards in the corporate media.

How PICKY I am being now and un-Amurrikan to bring up assassinations by our presidents (or their roles as primary accessories to murder) on foreign ‘demonized’ bad guys such as Gaddafi. What a Pollyanna girl scout asserting that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and, oh, let’s see, that maybe enabling and celebrating sodomy with a knife on a long time head of state before his brutal “snuff out” is not the way to go.

“Wow!” nervous laughter upon witnessing the brutalization of Gaddafi. “We came, we saw, HE DIED,” later sayeth a chuckling Hillary Clinton. Speaking of embarrassment, she sure as hell embarrassed and enraged me as a US citizen committed to morality.


Who gives a serious sh*t about the Geneva Conventions about POWs not being killed. About the real essence of the UN mandate that got twisted so Libya under cover of the “Arab spring spirit” could be destroyed for the aggrandizement of the US and NATO supported international business cartels. Or are we down to just one very potent cartel at this point?

NO FLY ZONE? That means no fly zone for the country the faux-good guy Western powers are bombing the sh*t out of in the name of humanitarianism. NO FLY ZONE means plenty of elbow room for the no-boots-on-the-ground drones from Nevada to incinerate or attempt to their fish in a barrel, civilians be damned and trust the media will minimize that, and the heavy latest designer weapons of those civilized western nations of NATO (80% American) to decimate a country.

International law never seemed to seriously bother the Republicans and sure as hell doesn’t bother the NEW AND BLOOD THIRSTY, PRAGMATIC Democrats in this NEW, CHILLING, ORWELLIAN WORLD ORDER. Well, except for an oddball, occasionally, like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich in Congress. What are they thinking swimming upstream in the name of international morality?

Most of us in the United States undergo cognitive dissonance on a daily basis from the disinformation overwhelming us from the corporate media and the lying lips of our politicians. We need to stay unsettled within this state of distress, that is, not be seduced to sleep, and to keep calling out lawlessness. Otherwise such barbarism and sadism and divine right of faux-democratic representatives really fascist dictators will be completely normalized especially to our younger generations coming down the infrastructure-be-damned (we have too much international killing to do) pike!

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