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WaPo's Quinn floats trial balloon: Replace Cheney with Fred Thompson (then run Thompson in 2008)

Well, that's beyond shameless, isn't it? Even for Ben Bradlee's child bride. Maybe that's why she's got a yen for Fred? Anything, anything at all to evade accountability and preserve the "Our Town," the Beltway as a Republican fiefdom. Her and Dean Floater, the gaseous turd. Anyhow, here's the excuse:

Cheney is scheduled this summer for surgery to replace his pacemaker, which needs new batteries. So if the president is willing, and Republicans are able, they have a convenient reason to replace him: doctor's orders. And I'm sure the the vice president would also like to spend more time with his ever-expanding family.

And who would replace Cheney?

The idea is [nice use of the passive] to install a vice president who could beat the Democratic nominee in 2008. It's unlikely that any of the top three Republican candidates -- former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Sen. John McCain of Arizona or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney -- would want the job, for fear that association with Bush's war would be the kiss of death.

Nor would any of them be that attractive to the president.

hat leaves Fred Thompson. Everybody loves Fred. He has the healing qualities of Gerald Ford and the movie-star appeal of Ronald Reagan. He is relatively moderate on social issues. He has a reputation as a peacemaker and a compromiser. And he has a good sense of humor.

He could be just the partner to bring out Bush's better nature -- or at least be a sensible voice of reason.

Have you ever read anything more disrespectful of the electoral process and of Constitutional government?

This is what the Beltway 500 thinks of Constitutional government. No, don't impeach Chney for his crimes and Constitutional outrages. That wouldn't help with the whole Civility thing. It would be Undignified.

No, ease a Constitutional officer out, to win an election. Jesus, the way these guys work, the next thing they'll do is rotate vice Presidential Entities to win the midterms. Then to get a bump in the polls.

NOTE This brilliant idea must be making the rounds of the cocktail wienie circuit: WaPo's Gene Robinson writes on it, too.

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--- sigh --- It wasn't that long ago when poor Condi was slated to replace that mean Mr. Darth Cheney, whose heart may have been on the blink at the time. Yes, it was Condi who would be set up as the future successor to The Crown.

Good times.

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Sally Quinn is the grand dame of the Washington cocktail party circuit, which has been dominated, like DC itself for years by Republicans. If she says Repubs are looking for a way to ease Dick out and replace him you can bet there’s some fire behind that smoke.

She's not talking about Republican party nonentities like rightwing bloggers or voters in her article. She's talking about big money donors (see that article the other day about CEOs going to Hillary and Obama in droves?) and politicians who know they'll drown if they keep standing on the deck of Captain Cheney's USS Iraq yelling the ship isn't sinking.

With McConnell and Lugar making noises about pulling the plug on Dick’s favorite war he may not want to be around for the final act. OTH Cheney is a warrior and he’ll most likely fight til the last
breath of the Republican party before he bugs out in 09 to retire in Dubai.

But why wouldn’t Ol’ Fred wanna be Veep for a year and a half? It’s the closest he’s ever gonna get to the White House. And who knows, without Cheney to serve as the fire to Bush’s frying pan impeachment just might go forward and Ol’ Fred might even become president for a month or two.

But realistically Cheney's impeachment (or Bush's for that matter) isn't likely to happen. Kucinich has all of 3 co-sponsors for his Cheney bill. Pelosi is on record as saying impeaching Bush isn't worth it. So whether the Repubs force Cheney out (very damaging to their electoral hopes next year) or leave him to skulk around the WH behind the scenes doing even more damage to the Republic and Republicans that decision will be up to them.

As a Dem I want him out of power but not out of the limelight. Maybe we could rename Arlington Nat'l Cemetary after him.

Maybe they will just pull the plug on Cheney...period! Please don't name anything after that nasty, vindictive, slug.

It might be interesting to hear Guiliani, McCain, Romney, etc., whine and cry if Bush and Thugs, Inc. decided to get rid of pResident Tricky Dick and replace him with Thompson! Now that might be the laugh we have been waiting for these past 6 long years! The whole damn crew should be hanged for treason and other crimes.