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Wanna Kill a Cop and Go Free? Be a Bush Cousin!

Picture it: It's dark, it's raining, the streetlights aren't helping much. You're in a construction zone. You take your eyes off the road to look at something to your left when THUMP! Uh oh. You just hit a cop directing traffic. Your ass is in a world of hurt, right?

Naw. You've got the Magic Never-Fear Card! You're a member of the Bush Family!From the Boston Globe


A federal appeals court judge who is a cousin of President Bush has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing in an accident that killed a New Haven police officer in October.

John M. Walker Jr., a senior judge on the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, was driving a sport utility vehicle that struck Officer Dan Picagli while he was directing traffic at a construction site.

New Haven State's Attorney Michael Dearington released a report yesterday saying that there was no evidence of negligence by Walker.

Usually, as in, oh, the case of me or thee, that DEAD COP in the middle of the road would be considered "evidence of negligence." But it's okay if you're not just a "loyal Bushie" but an actual Bushie. 'Course it probably doesn't hurt to be a Federal judge either...not that we would have any thought that his name had anything to do with that little perk either.

Can you imagine the outrage if this had been a "Kennedy cousin"? It would be on the Drudge-->Limbaugh-->LGF-->Instapoopie-->MSM-->All Cable All The Time--> "Breaking News" headline-->Every Evening Network Newscast news treadmill faster enough to break several of Einstein's favorite laws.

oops, there's that "lawbreaking" thing again. Sorry.

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