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Walmart Black Friday actions

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Even More Updates:
Towson, MD Walmart Black Friday 2012 Protest

Black Friday Mic Check: Standing Up for Walmart Workers' Rights in Quincy, MA

Our Walmart Black Friday Mt Vernon, Washington

Raging Grannies sing Found A Walmart for #OURWalmart #BlackFridayStrike protesters

Friends and Fellow Workers at Walmart in KC on Black Friday 11-23-12

UPDATE Redux: Satire website links Crystal Bridges to Walmart Black Friday protest

UPDATE: How to Change Walmart tumblr

Occupy Walmart in Chicago

LA County Sheriff Orders Protestors at Paramount Walmart Black Friday Event to Disperse

Walmart Gets Mic Checked in Secaucus, NJ (Black Friday, 2012)

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Action Secaucus New Jersey Chorus We are not gonna take it

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Action Secaucus New Jersey March in front of Store Video 1

Walmart Strikers Speak Out in Dallas

Walmart Black Friday Walkout/Demonstration - Lakewood, CO

Black Friday Walmart Protest in St. Paul, MN

OURWalmart - Occupy Detroit Black Friday Action

Black Friday Mic Check at Maryland Walmart

OURWalmart ( gathers outside Walmart on Black Thursday

OURWalmart volunteers escorted out of WalMart in Dallas


Black Friday Wal-Mart protest

Milwaukee Walmart Strike: Black Friday

Union folk can't shop at Wal Mart

Occupy Wichita dupes Wichita Police into blocking Walmart

Protesters with Occupy Wichita were told we could not block traffic into the Walmart, which we never do anyhow. Then, the police blocked the traffic into Walmart themselves, to stop us from giving fliers to motorists waiting at the stop sign.

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Here! [To be fair, no workers, only sign-holders. Still!]

Readers, please add your own examples... Perhaps I can make a map...

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I'm just so happy. It's amazing. A whole lotta folks learned a whole lot about neoliberalism, neofeudalism, rent seeking, etc at the irl occupations.

The discussions going on at the picket lines must be AMAZING.

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Raw Story

Walmart workers in Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Wisconsin, California’s Bay Area, Chicago, Washington DC and other cities took part in the walk out, protesting wages and work conditions. The demonstrations were co-ordinated by OUR Walmart, a workers’ group that last month led the first strikes that the retail giant had experienced.

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