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Walker's union-busting Act 10 struck down by state judge


Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas has struck down Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining law.

In a decision issued late Friday afternoon, Colas argues that the law violates the constitutional rights of free speech and association.

He also says that it illegally creates two distinct classes of employees: "1) general municipal employees who are represented by a labor organization in bargaining and 2) general municipal employees who are not."

Act 10 eliminated collective bargaining rights for most public workers and prohibits the payroll deduction of membership dues for most unions. But public safety and transit unions are exempt under the law.

Of course, the usual wailing and pearl-clutching about activist liberal judges has already begun.

The case was brought by Madison Teachers Inc. and Public Employees Local 61, a labor union representing city of Milwaukee employees.

Go teachers!

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