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"Waking From My Moral Coma"

Better late than never. Looks like Chris Hedges' piece got to William Rivers Pitt.

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Sorry but he didn't walk away but just tried to save himself later if it goes wrong and WTF has he been living under a rock. Oh right he works for the so called lib-press. Chris has it right but he even missed the point and that rare.

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Whatever. I think I figured out why he was in a coma:

Make no mistake, now: that's not an "Obama is the same as Bush" argument. Nobody is Bush, because Bush stands alone, and whoever makes that kind of equivalency either slept through the first eight years of this century, hit their head and forgot what those eight years were like, or is trying to sell you something.

He's not out of it yet, either.

Naturally, there are differences between the two. So what? On most of the things that matter, what they've done is so similar that the differences aren't worth discussing. Pointing out piddly differences between them doesn't change the truth one bit.