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VT gubernatorial candidates fight over who advocated single payer first

Let's just hope this happens some day at the national level:

Senate President Peter Shumlin’s gubernatorial campaign apologized Wednesday for stating that he is the only Democrat in the race who sponsored a single-payer health care bill.

Shumlin, a Windham County Democrat, has stated in debates, interviews and in campaign mailers that he is the only Democrat in the five-way primary to sponsor a bill establishing a single-payer health care system.

But Matt Dunne, a former state senator also seeking the nomation, pointed out Wednesday that Shumlin’s statement isn’t true. Dunne, as a member of the Vermont House in 1993, co-sponsored a single-payer health care bill.

“His statement is just wrong,” Dunne said Wednesday afternoon. “It’s important to be accurate, especially when you’re talking about someone else’s record.”


I guess nobody who took the sage -- and heavily billed for -- political advice of the friggin access bloggers and the career "progressives" is going to be able to claim they advocated single payer first.* Somebody who's at Netroots Nation should mention that to one of 'em, after genuflecting, as long as they don't mind being a skunk at the garden party.

NOTE * Actually, of course, they will can and will. They'll just lie about it shamelessly. Again.

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