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"Voter's Revenge" Web Application Screen Shots

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I have previously described, in another diary here, a design for a web application that I now call "Voter's Revenge", and previously called "Transpartisan Negative Vote Blocs". The Day 1 signature issue for Voter's Revenge is that of TPP, and the Voter's Revenge Posses are expected to, initially, all have redlines related to TPP.

In "honor" of Trump moving to make TPP a major issue (thus negating the media blackout, classification of documents, and also pathetically weak activist "actions"), I am posting some "screen shots" (actually, wireframes).

Home Page

Posse Dashboard

Search Presidential Candidate Posses

Search Incumbent US Senator Posses

Search Non-Incumbent Candidates for US Senate Posses

Create Super Posse

Invite Friends

Ask for Zip Code

Campaign Phases

Create Coralin' Buddy Posse

Create Voter's Revenge Buddy Posse

Invite to Child Posse (i.e., a buddy posse with the same target and agenda as a Super Posse)

Join Super Posse


Update Super Posse

Class Model

Join Super Posse Sequence Diagram

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Submitted by metamars on

Changes to the home page wireframe.
Add 3 wireframes for searches
Tweaked wireframes for creating buddy posses (add a zipcode field, so that creator can override the default zipcode, which is his/her own zipcode)