If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Vote for the official Democratic Party bumper sticker"

I get mail from the DNC. Here are my choices:

I especially like the color, "Focus Group Blue." But what's your favorite?

I've gotta say, "Like a boss!" (#1) really does it for me. The mixture of pawky bro-ness and authoritarian followership says all that needs to be said.

NOTE Isn't it time for the Obama campaign to retire its 2008 trade dress? We've got the Gotham font. We've got the twee typography. And we've got the crowning, personalized, and authentically fake final touch of hand-drawn magic marker circles in "Focus Group Blue" around the ballot-like numbers. But courage! Only two years before we are in the the throes of the 2016 campaign!

Are the magic marker circles one circle duplicated five times in Illustrator? I think so, but it's a little too bright out here in the garden for me to be certain.

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It looks like color separation blue. Like when you do the RGB color overlays to make a color print. Which is kinda poetic in a miserable half-assed Democrat way. Like JoeinSF said above, I don't think they thought this through. I mean it looks like they can't.

Might expect to see a similar one for Republicans, washed out, blood down the drain pink. Think Reagan: Where's the rest of me?

It's a color separation. I mean it just hits you. It needs the other colors to constitute itself. !

I hate em all. #1, gasp. I mean, try counting the ways that's terrible.

Could make a suggestion though. Put a real house on #4, and do something about fraudclosure...and privacy...and the common man.

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Looks like they could use a new ad agency.

As for #1: Ugh! That managed to surpass even the atrocious "Being With Obama" shit-sandwich-with-pickle thing they dragged out of the bushes a couple of years ago.

I guess they got what they deserved.

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Also, too, why haven't they gotten rid of the circle with the D in it yet? I thought the "target practice" meme was pretty much met with universal derision. Vote-for-a-Democrat-and-get-shot-by-a-wingnut-in-traffic didn't seem like the best branding exercise then, now it just seems criminal.