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Vote for Obama, early and often

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Most Texas voters don't know about the unusual primary-plus-caucus system in Texas, which allows voters to vote twice and double their impact. If we can get our 125,000 MoveOn members in Texas (plus hundreds of thousands of others we'll be calling) to flood primary and caucus locations, Obama will win big. But it's up to us to make sure everyone knows how the system works.
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Moveon has decided that it's on just one side of the Democrats.

Why the fuck is a Democratic advocacy group I used to donate to telling people to gang up against one of two Democrats who is nearly identical to the other on policy?

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Submitted by dmd76 on

Apparently, they had a vote. Encouraging people to vote for the candidate they've endorsed is hardly "ganging up". Unions do the same thing, no?

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The big fight between Obama and Hillary will disappear from the screens soon. The betrayal of the progressives,however, will live for decades and will fuel huge fights with the progressive movement.

MoveOn, The Nation and KOS&Co will go into the annals of history as the Quislings of the left. The progressives that collaborated with the center/enter-right Obamas will stay in infamy.

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Submitted by Charles Lemos on

MoveOn and DailyKos I can understand. But The Nation?

I don't understand that at all. What are they thinking? I don't subscribe so I really don't know.

I agree with you there is a sector of the left that feels crucified and we ain't gonna forget it. It is not just policy but also ethics and how this hit job first on Edwards and then on Clinton is being accomplished. The hit job on Edwards is perhaps not as self-evident because it happened suddenly and there was so much noise to cover it up. But I think people like Lawrence O'Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, Guy Saperstein, Nathan Gonzalez, Josh Marshall set their sights on Edwards first, bloodied him and then started to court Edwards and his followers once they had eviscerated him.

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Submitted by wasabi on

I started subscribing late last year. Last month I started noticing all these diatribes against Clinton with obvious falsehoods in them. I got a letter to renew my subscription, but wrote cancel all over it, then sent it to them in their self stamped envelope.
I have also asked MoveOn to stick their fundraising emails where the sun don't shine.

I'm feeling better already.

I will not forgive them all any time soon.

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corinne, it's quite clear from the quoted email that Texans are allowed to both vote in the primary and participate in the caucus.

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Jesus, koshembos! I guess all that's left is to figure out which of us are the Bolsheviks and which are the Mensheviks.

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Submitted by Sima on

asking me to come back. No way. The 'vote' was as trumped up as the caucuses are. Bleh.

As for the Nation, I dropped my subscription a while back due to low funds and haven't restarted. I guess I won't.

And yes, dmd76, like Koshembos a lot of us are feeling more than a little pushed aside and unwanted. I'm not going to crawl back on my knees while ya'll sing kumbaya; my self-respect and self-esteem demand that I stand up for myself. I will not tolerate being thrown under the bus.

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endorsed Obama, I'm letting my subscription run out. Before that I had high respect for their thoughtful analysis of current issues, but alas, such thoughtful analysis was not visible in their choice for the next Commander and Chief.

When I've gone to their website, I and other subscribers were dismayed by their many 'push polls' (a few being very negative towards Clinton).

I may be alone here, but I think that News Organizations shouldn't be in the business of endorsing. I feel it compromises their supposed neutrality and gives them undue influence over the readers that trust them.

Again, as a subscriber of The Nation until April, I'm surprised. Though not at, I disagreed with them on their appeasements on certain issues in the past and I remember participating in that poll (though my vote didn't win my candidate). In that poll they said they would go 'all out' for the candidate that won and appearantly they are. Also, how is it that one can vote many times for a candidate in Texas? Is this the result of the disgraced Mr. Delay?

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Submitted by dmd76 on

The histrionics in this thread are a sight to behold. Who, Sima, is asking you to crawl back (where?) on your knees? For that matter, who's throwing you under the bus? Democratic voters (and some independents and Republicans, sure) have, so far, favored (by a few percentage points) a candidate you don't, and you feel pushed aside and unwanted? As vastleft said, these are "two Democrats who [are] nearly identical to the other on policy". For Koshembos, that's enough to cause a decades-long split in the progressive movement.

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You mean, like people breaking into tears, and fainting?

I'm not seeing that, but it's early...

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Having declared that I have no horse in this race, I will still vote. Although in NY, a Democratic candidate will win against McCain and I don't think it will be necessary for me to vote for a Democrat to win. The passions in this thread associated with the minutia of a couple of mainstream Demos calling each other names is beyond me. If they are the choices, I like them both and I dislike them both. Truth is, they are both smart enough to be president given that both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were presidents. A couple of fucking idiots I will say. What will it take for one human being who gets to have all the power, what will it take for them to spread the wealth somehow and make life easier on the rest of us humans at least here in the USA and possibly in parts of the rest of the world (sorry Ron Paul). I got three kids. Their opinions about being citizens in America are varied but I am surprised at the ambivalence in their thinking. I doubt that any of them will vote, even though I will encourage them. I'm disappointed in them but they are all smart enough to make their own decisions. So I ask: what in the fuck are you all getting so riled up about?

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Submitted by dmd76 on

You're right, Lambert. The (7, isn't it?) fainting spells and the crying are all affectations. We just want people to believe we're that into Obama. It's all part of our devious plot, mwuahahahahahah!

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I dislike the way he's running, effective or no.

I don't dislike him. I don't hate him.

But I do get pretty insulted and dismayed at a lot of his campaign tactics:

* The endless use of rightwing frames
* The dishonesty of the Kumbaya-with-the-Repubs frame
* The blatant religiosity
* The hypocritical claiming of MLK and JFK's mantles... while dogwhistling hatred of Baby Boomers and their "partisan bickering"
* The trumped up charges of the Clintons' "racism"
* The hot air about his transcendence
* The nastiness -- and often sexism and ageism -- of way too many of his supporters

But none of that changes the fact that he is politically similar to Clinton, similarly smart, and -- judging by Timmeh parading with Hillary's head on a pike -- the remaining obstacle to Bush's Third Term (AKA John McCain's first term)

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Submitted by dmd76 on

I'm sure your dislike of Obama is very real, Sima. I called it histrionics because you didn't say merely that you disliked Obama. You said you were being "pushed under the bus" and then asked to "crawl back on [your] knees" (by whom, who knows? It sure sounds tragic, though). Koshembos predicts a decades-long struggle within the progressive movement against the "enemy", the "Quislings of the left".

histrionics: Overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Submitted by lambert on

Maybe sima got the idea that she was being asked to "crawl back" from BooMan?

And it’s impossible that [TalkLeft] can just shrug off their performance in the primary and get back on board for the general.

Certainly an idea that's in the air...

As far as histrionics: If histrionics were present, I would expect to see fainting and weeping, and so on. I didn't see it; therefore, no histrionics, and hence my snarky comment. It's possible to read too much into snark; in fact, what worries me is that not that the behavior of the _______ers is fake, but that it's all too real. Then again, maybe the Obama ________ ers are faking it, just like the girls who fainted at the Hillary rally. But that episode was probably genuine. After all, you know what women are like....

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by dmd76 on

That's just lame. For those who want a more coherent explanation for Lambert's snarky comment, he has been furiously trying to prove that Obama supporters are cultists because they:

a)faint and weep at rallies (looks like we're not the only ones)
b)were described by some reporter for the Sacrmento Bee who used religious language (people coming to Obama, conversion narratives, etc., all characterizations by the reporter and not language used by anyone from the Obama campaign)
c)go to big rallies and cheer (sometimes at things Lambert finds inappropriate!).

Now he comes in here and just happens to use the examples of weeping and fainting to point out, "nope, no histrionics here!".

ps. I'm sure everyone here's thrilled that you wrote a blog post about the inherent misogyny in Obama's use of the word "periodically"; I'd love to know what it has to do with anything in this thread.