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VOIP cellphone

Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Seems to, but I want something really, really simple, stupid, and cheap -- ideally pay as you go. Readers?

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

I am looking for same as to cell phone service

but I want something really, really simple, stupid, and cheap -- ideally pay as you go

I live in a brick building, and cell phone reception inside is virtually non-existent. Yeah, I've asked my neighbors, especially when I see them outside, standing in the rain talking on a cell phone- yes, same experience.

So, your plea was looking for VOIP access, which having looked at the link, is way more than I need.

Thus: w/o VOIP

I want something really, really simple, stupid, and cheap -- ideally pay as you go!

Crikey, you got huge input re: your smelly wash, way back when... maybe you over thought the title on this one, Lambert! Or, maybe not and you really want all the fancy bits of VOIP.

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Submitted by Bryan on

This might be something you can get in NYC, DC, Chicago, and LA, but iPhones are just expensive cellphones where I live, and regular cells aren't all that dependable away from the coast.

This requires the same type of network infrastructure as the iPhone, or the other "smart" phones, and it will come with all of the 'Net software. The service is highly unlikely to be available on a pay as you go basis for quite some time, so you are looking at a multi-year contract. Until they have milked all of the people with more dollars than sense, no one is going to bother to market to the low end of users.

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Submitted by HotPeach on

What are you looking to accomplish?

Avoid term commitment/cotract? Tracfones are a good bet. Pay as you go, no contract, just go to target, walmart. kmart, buy a phone and buy minute cards to add minutes to the phone. Get a double minutes for life phone or card to save even more cash. Very easy. No forms to fill nothing to sign. Buy it, activate it at and start dialing.

Telephone over the internet from your home anyplace else via wifi? Netgear and linksys make cool standalone wifi handset voip gear. Search amazon for wifi phone

Telephone over internet from your home via ethernet connected base station but wireless handset? phillips makes a few models to do that...

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Tracfone is definately the cheapest and best low cost cell plan out there. Service is as little as $7 a month for the minimal contact needed to be in touch. And the Double minutes feature gives you 120 minutes for under $20 for 3 months. They also offer the Motorola W376 phone. This phone has a camera, FM radio, web access and blue tooth. Its really affordable too, less than $30 from target or wallmart.