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Voice mail hell at Obama's White House

Ya know, when I used to call the Bush White House, a human picked up. With Obama, you get Press 1... and I hung up when I got to the "If you are using a rotary phone" part, even though that gets you a human, since I didn't want to lie to the poor schlub on the other end.

And if the White House is that all-fired het up on messaging these days, they might consider the implications of creating the impression, however unjust MR SUBLIMINAL Haw that they'd just rather not talk to the customers citizens.

No, I don't want to check the website. I had enough of being told to do that by the OFB during the primariez.

No, I don't want to shout into the empty void of a Comment Line.

No, I don't want send some email into the political equivalent of /dev/null.

I want a human.

Maybe whoever's got the messaging budget could spend a little less money on "creative class" types to buff the gradients and fondle the cute little dingbats, and a little more money on the simple choice of getting a human to answer the phone?

NOTE Does the "trade dress" of remind anyone else of a hermetically sealed container? It makes my back teeth itch.

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