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This week's New Yorker has this quote from the British satirist Auberon Waugh:

He did not mince words about what such writing constituted. “Vulgar abuse,” he called it, and he stood up for it. “Vituperation is not a philosophy of life nor an answer to all life’s ills. It is merely a tool, a device. . . . It redresses some of the forces of deference which bolster the conceit of the second-rate; it also prevents the first-rate from going mad with conceit.” He felt that mockery was a British specialty and that this made “life in Britain preferable to life anywhere else.”

Hear, hear.

Fuck Civility.

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What the fuck is with that?

Brilliant quote, and entirely relevant to your little dustup with that posse of "traditional" Episcopalians, or are they Anglicans; aren't they more or less interchangeable? You should have included a link to your post of their hate of teh gays, and then a link to that amazing comments thread.

BTW, Lambert, I went over there three times to back you up with some comments, measured ones, of course, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. I was even ready to register to do it, but couldn't find any such invitation. Could the site have known I am Jewish?

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long enough when you hover your cursor over them.

I mean "Fuck" is nice and short [okay, those are two words I never really expected to use together, but anyway...] but the one for "Civility" takes at least three hovers to read, what with going into detail of the example of the CBS cancellation of the Reagan show and all.

We must talk to that odd fellow who lives under the stairs and claims to be the maintenance person. Besides the problem noted above, the liquor bottles are piling up in the breezeway between the Feral Beast Room and the Antechamber of Polite Fisticuffs. I assume people are aiming for the Troll Composting Chamber & Other Refuse Bin down at the end of the way, but accuracy of aim is not always what one might hope for with recently-emptied objects of that sort.

Submitted by lambert on

Hey, just a joke! Where's your sense of humor?

Anyhow, Leah, yes, there's a tiny little registration link somewhere... I had to register to commment. I need to sum up that thread, along the lines of "Just because the retionalization is incredibly complex doesn't mean it's not teh hate...."

Xan, the hover... is what it is. You ought to be able to click on the blue circle and get the full glossary item, but the item ought to give enough by itself. You get an error, though. Yes, one of those maintenance things.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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more names for portions of the Mighty Corrente Building. "Antechamber of Polite Fisticuffs" just sort of popped up to the surface of the bubbling subconcious so there it is. "Troll Compost Chamber" does not resonate quite so well but things dealing with shit seldom do. A reflection of the Victorian influence on our culture no doubt.

Hovering three times is not all that bad a thing anyway. Just haven't had enough to complain about lately is all, as the whole joint is running like a charm even under IE. So there.

(extends bodily part in northeasterly direction.)

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Though I agree the Troll Composing Chamber needs work because it is not the trolls who are composted (I think). Perhaps it could be the Winger Troll Memorial Chamber... Or the... Dammit, who was our winger troll? It never shows up anymore. The [insert name here] Memorial Composing Chamber. Right next to the greenhouses, how hand!

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.