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So I met with my Virginia friend today and now I know a lot more about what is happening south of the Potomac. My friend does not know much about Jack Trammell (speaking to Hanover County Democrats) but she made some acute observations about Cantor's defeat. With Cantor out of the picture, Republicans have lost one of their biggest rainmakers. Most of Cantor's money was given to other Republican House members in the hope that it would make him Speaker; but much of the money he raised was passed on to local Republicans to maintain the Republican majority in the Virginia legislature. That is gone. Moreoever, Republicans will now have to spend serious money on a general election that they previsouly thought that they could ignore. That is money that will not be availble to other house races, specifically, Virginia's 10th Congressional seat. With Rep. Wolf retiring, it is an open seat with Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust running for the Democrats and Barbara Comstock the Republicans.

Currently Democrats in the 8th and 11th congressional districts, where Democratic nominees are expected to coast to victory, are phone banking into the 10th, doing voter ID work, and generally supporting the door-to-door canvass being run by the Foust campaign. This extra volunteer muscle will be critical not only to moving to a Foust victory in November, but preparing for gains in the races for the state legislature that will come in 2015, thus one victory leads to another.

Should Foust win his race, there will be no Republican congressional members north of the Rappahannock River. Nor do Repubicans hold any statewide offices. Both senators, the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney Genereal are all Democrats. This will make fundraising for the state legislature that much harder for Republicans and that much easier for Democrats. Virginia Democrats have their work cut out for them, but they could have a very good year.

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Hold a gun to my head; and I wouldn't vote anything but some other green, spacey, hallucinogenic, other worldly, alien, or outrageous other!

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Nobody is telling you how to vote,

Cantor's loss opens up a path for Democrats to retake the legislature in 2015, if they do, they can pass expanded Medicaid, which will give thousands of Virginians access to health care. To say that does not matter is to say that health care for those individuals does not matter.

Nobody is telling you how to vote, not in Virginia or anywhere else, I am just trying to give readers some insight into what is happening in Virginia. You may not be interested, but others might be.

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I hate to see people herded into ObamaCare (does VA do estate recovery?) but as usual the two parties have presented us with a horrible choice. Up here I have to choose between corrupt landfill advocates for Medicaid and crazy conservatives who may end up saving the Penobscot watershed.