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The Violence we Live with

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On the same day that a man who repeatedly raped and impregnated his two daughters was given 25 life terms and the man who fled to India and married a second wife to hide from prosecution for rape and murder was sentenced, word is out about the new forced marriages law in the UK. The one they didn't think was necesssary.

It wasn't necessary. I wish the Home Office in the UK could be required to explain that to the two girls who were raped repeatedly starting at ages 8 and 10.

The new loaw was enacted last month and is likely to affect Pakistani marriage practices since over 65% of the complaints involve Pakistani participants.

Meanwhile in the US fundamentalist Mormons have surrendered on charges of forcing underage women to marry church elders. It's part of a pervasive culture of invasion that is growing as the outside world gets worse.

Violence and marriage mix almost unavoidably, the use of violence within marriage is so frequent as to be not news, I suppose. The use of violence to defend particular kinds of marriage has been seen in the recent Proposition 8 campaign, which is being investigated even as the California Supreme Court mulls overturning the whole thing. The reality is that the purveyors of hate and violence don't want people to know how it uses money to corrupt the public dialog

Will we be free of violence of this kind? Well, I want you to think on something. The girl who was abducted, raped, and strangled, dialed the British equivalent of 911. They hung up on her when she didn't speak, even though the assailant could clearly be heard demanding to "fuck" her. The new forced marriages law in the UK doesn't banned "arranged" marriages. Proposition 8 passed because politicians ran for cover, and allowed churches to impose their view of what marriage is on civil law.

Until the sound of strangling is not hung up on, not only will we not have this violence go away, it will only get worse and worse.

But one can turn up news of this kind of crime every day. It's part of the job description for domestic workers.

Because the truth is, that the rape wars bubble under the surface in every place in all of the world. If tears were ink, there would not be enough in all the world to write down the list of them, if blood could etch in stone, there would be just enough to burn the names of the victims. In the time I wrote this, had two more rape arrests pop up as news stories.

And what is the solution to this flood of bad news? In Sri Lanka they punish the accuser. In the Congo, gang rape is patriotic. It's nice to know that people are working hard to find a solution to the troubling news about sexual violence. We would not want to have nice people worried that it might happen to them, right?

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