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View points we won't be hearing on TV

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this link for that tweet. I think Boldfinger has the right response to Swanson, "Which interview screeners are these?" I don't understand why this "keep it generic, don't name media names" practice has been adopted by people on the left. The left should be constantly complaining the views of the left generally are being shut out of corporate controlled Main Steam Media discussions.

It's obviously been a highly successful tactic for the right to claim that the Main Stream Media leans left and that's made it easy for the corporate media to get away with the practice of featuring neo-con foreign policy and neo-liberal economic zealots in panel discussions and excluding spokespeople from the left. Instead of going that route, I think a lot of the minor MSM figures who are on the left (are there any other kind?) are either thinking that if they play the MSM game according to the unspoken rules and don't burn any bridges by squawking too loud that they someday might get just enough air time to help carry the day on some major issue or, with that approach, they will manage to get a few bucks for themselves from time to time which they can use to keep body and soul together allowing them to keep doing the important work they think they're doing in other venues.

Whatever these few media figures on the left are thinking when dealing with the MSM, it ain't working.

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It's David Swanson @davidcnswanson on Twitter at 1:34 PM - 2 Sep 13.

Maybe this will work without the https: