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Video: The Liberal Elites And The Past Two Democratic Party Administrations Helped Decimate The Working Class

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[Video Credit: The Liberal Elite has Betrayed the People They Claim to Defend, TheRealNews, YouTube, 18:26 Minutes]

This video was brought to my attention in a "Tweet." Worth a listen!


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Submitted by Alexa on

News Flash: We may get rid of ObamaCare, after all.

Just heard--Tues p.m--on XM Radio that Repubs may block all CRs (Continuing Resolutions) which fund ObamaCare.

Here's a link to the Alexander Bolton's piece from "The Hill." (Just heard remarks by Harry Reid. That man is pathetic!)

Apparently, the CRs which expire in September partially fund the PPACA. So allowing them to expire RIGHT BEFORE the open enrollment period, would in effect "shoot down the entire program."

This may be a winner with the electorate, according to the polls that Lambert quoted from WaPo (even with Democrats).

Would love to see the ACA scraped, and start over with a public option.

Submitted by lambert on

... because then the Democrats could blame the Republicans!

* * *

However, I must take issue with you on the public option magic zombie sparkle pony; we single payer advocates fought that monstrosity hard in 2009. Please read this post and this post by PNHP's Kip Sullivan; all true. And if there are times when this blog seems just a little jaundiced about "progressives" it's because of the role they had in making the so-called public option a roach motel for progressive energy or (to shift metaphors) sucking all the oxygen away from single payer.

Think about it this way: Would you want Social Security to be the "public option" on a menu of otherwise private retirement plans? Why not?

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Submitted by Alexa on

Hey, I should have said "MFA"--I detest Jacob Hacker and know all about his shenanigans with a "phony" public option.

At the time of the fight, I wasn't blogging, but I was all "over the radio and C-Span" pointing out just that.

In the past 19-20 months that I've blogged, I've posted several blogs on this topic-- including one critical of one of the white papers penned on this "bait and switch"--an accurate description.

It was the White Paper that first described the uninsured, who are too low income to afford health insurance, as "freeloaders."

Sorry--should have been more precise.

But, it's not a matter of Dems "blaming" Repubs, is it? I know that I'd like to see the ACA repealed, because it's a totally ill-conceived piece of legislation.

You've spent months making just that point, right?

And frankly, if the polls that you just quoted are accurate--I would imagine that doing so might help Republicans. Or for that matter, it might help Democrats, because it would possibly "save the Democratic Party from itself" (in regard to this boondoggle, called ObamaCare).

For the most part, I don't think that much of anyone but "Dem partisans" would mind seeing it go away, really. Or at least not if MFA were to replace it.

[Exceptions might be "some" uninsureds. However, many do not want to be forced to buy insurance. And many will be furious when they find out that they will be put under considerable financial hardship by the ACA.]

I don't have the bookmark, cause read it on my smartphone today (Twitter)--84% of Massachusetts residents are enrolled in either the "bronze" or "silver" plans.

Only 8% are enrolled in the "gold" plan (80/20).

The piece is from Wonkblog, piece entitlted "Indiana says health plan costs will spike to $570. That's not the full story. (Sarah Kliff)

I would love to see an analysis of effect of "The Connector" on bankruptcy rates. It's probably either negligible, or it's higher due to the burden of the citizens having to carry this sorry insurance, which provides substandard coverage.

I mean--this is PATHETIC! And the MassConnector is held out as the successful prototype for the ACA!!!!


With the looming fiasco that is inevitable upon the rollout of this monstrosity, it is hard for me to believe that the Dem Leadership doesn't think this way--although they dare not say it.

This just may be the opening that they are looking for--to save face.

I support MFA--and it needs to be greatly improved benefit-wise, since it's benefits are inadequate for seniors who cannot afford "Medigap" policies.

And as I blogged at some blogs, they are getting ready (it's in the Administration's 2014 budget) to substantially raise the cost of Medigap policies--through a surcharge on the Medicare premium for some enrollees.

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Submitted by Alexa on

like "Wonk Blog," and NYT reporter Michael Scherer.

And, according to David Jackson, USA Today, The Oval:

White House "going around" national media to local media (easier to manipulate--my words).

He will be giving about 6 speeches over the next several weeks.

Who says the White House won't win the propaganda war, LOL!

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Submitted by Alfa Zog on

Why do people vote for Republicans for Congress and the Presidency? some suggestions:
- conservative on social/religious/abortion issues
- they're rich and want to pay little tax
- they're in a constituency "well-served" by the Republicans
- they're followers of Ayn Rand
- they're fans of guns and the right to bear arms
- they've been bamboozled, brainwashed
- ? At this point, I've run out of ideas

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Submitted by Alexa on

to the Democratic Party's abandonment of them on economic issues, as well as lack of support for strong unions.

And you nailed it, regarding social and religious and cultural issues. Many working class Democrats fled to the socially/culturally/religious Party after the deindustrialization of the US.

As Hedges and Paul Jay discuss, many of those folks "fell between the cracks," as liberal elites got involved in identity politics, etc.

That was sorta the beginning of the Democratic Party's "bucket" politics, that remains today. (Which, BTW, is one thing wrong with the ACA--it even follows that model, LOL!).

Hope you watched the video. Hedges is very insightful, and not afraid to speak the truth about the so-called "liberal" establishment in the US.

Really, regarding the two major issues (or three, really, since corporatist Dems and Repubs also agree on privatizing education--that's why there is SO LITTLE discussion on this topic, anymore)--foreign policy and economic policy--the two major Party Leaderships are almost identical on their stances.

I've posted several videos showing Dems talking about working with (colluding with) McCain and Graham on the defense cuts (the sequester), etc.

There is very little real difference. Both parties are careful to "posture" for their bases, of course. But that's all it amount to, for the most part.

Believe me, the truth is "hidden in plain sight," on the C-Span TV Channel (or radio channel).

You know, for several decades now, American citizens here have been reduced to a "lesser of two evils" choice, when it comes to our leaders and lawmakers.

For instance, the President spent almost two years campaigning on "raising taxes on the rich," WHICH CAME TO BARELY 2% OF THEIR AVERAGE INCOME, AND WAS TO ONLY BE FOR THIS YEAR--UNTIL THE TAX REFORM IS PUT IN PLACE, TO GREATLY REDUCE THEIR MARGINAL TAX RATES!!!

(Sorry about the caps--but it is mind blowing.)

The purpose for the Prez's little talks starting tomorrow is to convince his "base" to help him "raise taxes on the wealthy."

Which is a joke--his own budget calls for lowering the marginal tax rates across the board.

And I just posted here a couple days ago where he assured Repubs, behind closed doors, that the corporate tax "reform" would be "revenue neutral."

The bulk of the "tax loopholes" that will be lower are on the lower and middle classes. I've outlined them here several times, so I won't repeat them.

But since so many folks refuse to read "The Moment Of Truth"--the President's own bipartisan Fiscal Commission's report, they don't believe that he is leading the way to dismantling the social safety net.

In the meantime, liberals flee to Third Parties, and very conservative Dems flee to even more right-wing parties (Libertarians are on the rise).

As I said earlier, I agree with Chris Hedges and Paul Jay--we desperately need to form a serious liberal movement.

Hedges was a foreign reporter for over twenty years. He apparently recognizes real danger signs (of authoritariansim) in this country.

I expect Rand Paul to do well in 2016, for just the reasons that they cited in this video.

Whew! On that note, I'll retire for the evening . . .

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Submitted by Alexa on

with writer, author of nine books, former journalist, (I believe--professor), and activist Chris Hedges.

(Sorry, C-Span killed the embed code.)

Among many things, Hedges discusses several of his books. One of his most interesting (to me) is, "Death Of The Liberal Class."

Here's the link:

"In Depth" with Author and Journalist Chris Hedges

Hedges has some degree of historical knowledge of the "radical movement," etc. (I have almost none, admittedly. So I find his perspective quite interesting. And I believe it's fairly accurate, since I do know a little bit about the history of the union movement. He even touches on this topic.) He covers a broad range of topics and books in this interview.

Heck, I wish that he would run for President. ;-D