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Video of typical (uninformed) Obama supporters.

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People just love Obama's happy talk speeches. They have no idea what his actual policies have been. Similarly, it's impossible to know if Romney would endorse or continue these policies (as suggested in the video) because no one has asked him. Thanks, media!!

Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies


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FYI, I caused a little bit of a kerfuffle because I didn't know the meaning of "low information voter." You probably didn't mean it to be disparaging, any more than I did.

I've decided to use the word "casual." Most folks think that conveys the message, without being offensive. Personally, I was glad that it was pointed out to me.

Thanks again for the video.

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"LI" voters.

The video presented a group of folks who seemed to be clueless on a whole range of topics. So, maybe they would qualify as "casual" voters. OTOH, I'm not certain why they would be considered "the most committed voters."

I've always sort of figured that the folks who most reliably show up at the polls, are relatively or fairly well-informed, usually somewhat ideological, or in the case of some "single issue" voters, very ideological and/or quite well-informed in their particular topic of interest.

IMO, the single issue or very partisan voter (sometimes one and the same, but not always) would probably be the most committed voters.

One example of the single issue voter--"values" voters, especially conservative Christians. (This is not intended as a slight to this group of people.)

The other category of committed voter would probably be the "heavily partisan" voter. This voter may or may not be particularly knowledgeable regarding issues, but wouldn't consider NOT voting.

That's what makes this topic so tricky. The definition of this type of voter, is sort of murky, at best.

But again, your video was a great demonstration of "ignorance or partisanship." I'm just not sure which it was. LOL!

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Or perhaps it's ignorance caused by partisanship. Once you've chosen a side, you no longer have to pay any attention - just root for your guy no matter what.