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Victorious loyalists run amok in Glasgow

Daily Mail:

Pro-Union demonstrators made 'Nazi salutes' in front of Police officers as Scotland's referendum vote began to turn nasty.

Hundreds of demonstrators waving Union flags arrived at George's Square in Glasgow, which up until recently had been the unofficial headquarters of the pro-independence movement.

Well, that should certainly reconcile the Yes voters to the result.

The International Business Times:

BBC reporter Cameron Buttle said the atmosphere had changed quickly when a large group of Loyalists, many in Rangers tops, arrived and rushed the 'Yes' supporters. Some Loyalists had concealed Union flags and appeared to have co-ordinated their attack. Flags on display on the Unionist side had Loyalist slogans, some with Northern Irish allusions, including "Springburn/Derry Union" and "Scotland is British, No surrender."

Nice. I do remember what looked like an "orange order" march in the days leading up to the referendum, so perhaps the sudden loss of decorum shouldn't come as a surprise.

Aberdeen Press and Journal has a cam.

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I am sorry that they did not ultimately secede, but it is not my country and I am sure that they did what they thought best. Still, it would have been nice to see them get a government that represents them. That seems rare these days.