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Veterans Day

The Clash on Vietnam:

You can practically hear the helicopters, especially the ones leaving. And I always find a Goya "Disasters of War" print, so here is this year's:

Plate 29 Español: Lo merecía. English: He deserved it.

NOTE What I especially like about 11/11 is that the powers that also set the time for the armistice to 11:00, rather like kids watching for the mileage indicator to turn from 999 to 1000. Pretty amazing, though, that X number of people had to get slaughtered because of an elite tic of numerology; fighting continued until the last minute. That the scale was reduced was no comfort to those who died -- to be fair, by definition -- or to their comrades, friends, or family. Well done.

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The caption that always sticks with me is "this always happens..." It kind of stands as the summary for the whole series.

It always happens. Always.. And yet for some reason we always act surprised.