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Deval Patricks' Senate Pick: Versailles welcomes back an old friend

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Deval Patrick’s likely Senate pick raises ‘serious concerns’

The Kennedy-backed pick for interim senator - a Beltway insider who could enjoy a lifetime pass to the Senate floor - has deep ties to special interests, sitting on a board that oversees a health-insurance provider and having lobbied for the pharmaceutical industry, the Herald has learned.

We need a HR 676 co-sponsor to primary this jerk.

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Submitted by lambert on

Obama 1.0 makes the same kind of pick Obama 2.0 would have made? Nobody could have predicted.

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Submitted by mass on

so he can't be primaried.

We could have had Mike Dukakis. thanks for nothing, Governor Patrick.

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Submitted by dk on

from the Globe?

Some Kennedy insiders who support Kirk’s appointment, though, have argued that Dukakis is too outspoken on health care issues, espousing liberal positions that could complicate Democrats’ attempts in Washington to moderate their approach on the legislation.


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Submitted by jumpjet on

He is a fairly outspoken liberal from Massachusetts' 8th Congressional District. He is a co-sponsor of H.R. 676, and also achieved some notoriety during Congressional hearings on the banking crisis last fall, when he lambasted the bank executives and told them that "no one trusts you guys anymore." He also voted against the Iraq War in 2002 and was one of the votes against the war appropriations bill this summer.

His congressional webpage is here. I like him a lot.

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Submitted by Andre on

I've had in my entire life (40 + years) have been under Deval Patrick. Long term care which is totally regulated by the state, was raised a whopping 30 %, but they made it easy by making it effective on two consecutive years, 22 % and 8 %. It's a massive negative for Patrick, in my eyes. I've never had a claim on that insurance, and neither on my home owners which went up 27 %, though not regulated by the state, it could have been mitigated by state action if there was some authentic concern for the consumer on the part of the Patrick administration.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Its funny, you know. It was the edumacated "elite" types that swallowed the "Just words?" tripe most of all.

(I added "elite" to differentiate Pibber folk from the educated folks here and elsewhere that didn't want to purge the "Bubbas" a la Bowers.)

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Submitted by vastleft on

It was his wretched framing (post-partisanship, religion=morals etc.) that were my first and biggest gripes. I'm a generous guy, so his lack of experience and character weren't deal-breakers for me.

He campaigned on empty and retrograde words that directly impaired the causes he was presumed to represent. Such a triumph of rhetoric!

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Submitted by Jeff W on

I took to referring to Obama as the eenheidsworst after my Dutch friend translated that as "unity sausage" (referring to some uniform, featureless sausage weirdly famed enough to have its own postage stamp. sold at Hema. a sort of Dutch Target, maybe). I suspect it was a misuse of the term but it still seemed to fit so I didn't care.

"Wretched framing" is a good way to put it, really. Yeah, exactly, why worry about his lack of experience and character when what he was saying was so absurd.

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Submitted by Jeff W on

And to think I was vaguely self-conscious about revealing that! :p

Glad you liked it! :D

[Apologies to any of the Dutch-speaking readers out there if that (mis)appropriation of a national icon offends you.]

[Oops, that was a reply to vastleft's eenheidsworst -- haw! reply, BTW.]