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Versailles Democrats failing upwards

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Atrios on the 50 state strategy

One thing that I think people tend to forget is that Howard Dean's 50 state strategy wasn't simply about fighting everywhere, it was about shoveling money out of DC before the vultures there could get their hands on it. It was about the idea that people who run campaigns out of Washington don't know what the hell they're doing, but that as long as the money was sitting there, candidates didn't have much choice but to deal with them.

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I heard a woman, a nurse, who ran in Iowa for the state legislature on Sirius Progress radio. (Ha Ha Title. It's really Sirius Democrat). She said that Democratic PACS sent out tons of literature smearing her rival with things that were untrue making her look like a liar. She was angry at all the outside money on both sides. She and her supporters had gone to over 10,000 houses in a rural county a hundred or so miles square. We had that happen here in the last three elections. Why I am no longer interested in participating in this screwed up system. The host and Dr. Ron Daniels told her she was still a winner because she got 40% and urged her to run again. Sick. Sounds like elementary school.

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Business Insider:

Democratic candidate Rick Weiland held a press conference at his campaign headquarters Monday and called on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which jumped into the race with a $1 million buy two weeks ago, to start airing positive ads on his behalf or get out of the race.

He said the ads aired so far have skewed negative against his Republican opponent, former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, and haven't helped his campaign. He even suggested the DSCC was airing the ads to aid Larry Pressler, the Independent candidate.

"Everybody knows the ugly attack ads you have been running against Mike Rounds help Larry Pressler, not the candidate of the party you are supposed to be campaigning for," Weiland said.

"They make me, as the Democratic candidate, look like a dirty campaigner. They damage Gov. Rounds. And they let former Senator Pressler stand on the sidelines looking clean and gathering votes from disgusted South Dakotans, just as you intended them to do."