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Versailles best kept secret

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The best kept secret in Versailles is that the bad guys are nice agreeable people and the good guys are REALLY annoying. Partly it is a matter of poverty, it is easier to be agreeable when your house and both your vacation homes are paid for. It is easier to be agreeable when not only can you pay for your children's college education, but you know they will be accepted, because you have been making BIG donations to your alam mater for decades. It also easier to be agreeable when you are contending for REAL power rather than the privilege of being the largest frog in a tiny pond.

But I think it is more than that, I think it has to do with the prickly personalities that are attracted to lefty politics. But their prickliness gets in the way of building coalitions and winning.

One of the many reasons we don't have a meaningful left in the US is that there is NO career path. A few might luck into being a university professor, but that is much harder to do nowadays that the vast right wing conspiracy is targeting universities, it is difficult for even a luke warm liberal to rise higher than adjunct professor. There is no left wing equivalent of wingnut welfare.

One of the reasons I really don't like Nader is that he could have established such a system. ALL Nader organizations rely of sweatshop labor. Every attempt to organize Nader organizations has been busted. People are willing to sacrifice to change the world, but they are not prepared to take a vow of poverty, they want a middle class lifestyle, even if it lower middle class. Nader does not offer that.

Liberal Senators and Representatives have the reputation of treating the employees the worst. Ironically it is conservative members who pay their people the best and treat them well, putting the side the future lobbying career that awaits you. Bernie Sanders has a reputation of being a hard task master and has a high turnover of staff. When he is elected, as I hope and expect, we can look forward to a cranky White House. It is not unusual for revolutionaries to be cranky. 2016 is a revolution under color of a presidential election. That is why I am so confident that Bernie is going to win.

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