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Vacations are the Best

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Surpise vacations, made possible by loving friends and family, in which both jacuzzis and learning are enjoyed, are the very Best. Thanks, People who Made it Possible.

So, what's going on? It's always fun to come back to the blogosphere after a few days off, to see what is bunching people's panties today. Yawn, spare me the Hilbama wars for now, I didn't miss that at all. Anything else on your brain?

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How about groovy new 'Power Islands.....' they be here matey:

Or TexAss WindFarms....raht heah:

Or, hang on to yer panties, the ultimate solution:

Solar Grand Plan

Now isn't that so much more progressive and interesting than what fukin' color dress Hillary wore today as she attempted to rip Obamaman a new one?

A. Citizen

Peace, Health and Prosperity for Everyone.

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We’ve had a wet winter here in the Far West, a good thing for everyone with plenty of water to go around this summer and hopefully a little more time to sort out the details of our water allocation conflicts. It has, however, meant a lot of gray indoor days and cabin fever is starting to burn. I’m in dreaming mode, looking forward to warmer days and time outdoors.

We’re fortunate here in the San Francisco Bay Area in many ways, one being the temperate, Mediterranean climate that lets us garden productively year-round and now is the time to start planning vegetables. In another week I’ll turn over the ground and put in the spring lettuce, chard and green onions. Come April the tomatoes will go out under cover, and one of the great decisions will be choosing this year’s varieties.

An interesting local vegetable garden web site is Love Apple Farms in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where the delightful Cynthia Sandberg raises an extraordinary range of top-quality vegetables under a regimen called Biodynamic Gardening. This technique is organic farming for obsessive-compulsives and some of it, like spritzing water derived from fertilizer fermented in cow’s horns and planting cycles directed by astrological signs, is a bit woo-woo for me but there is no arguing with the quality and variety. Cynthia raises a hundred or more different kinds of heirloom tomatoes and for those so inclined is a friendly source of boundless information.

heirloom tomatoes love apple farms

The other warm weather topic on my mind is the high country, which won’t be accessible until late this year because of the deep snows. Those same snows, however, will mean spectacular waterfalls in early spring and plenty of stream flow though the whole summer. If I can haul these bones up the trail one more time there will be the spectacle of big vistas and narrow gardens tended only by Nature and the sounds of wild places, sibilants and susurrations layered like the secret whisperings of a thousand lovers.

cascade creek below hidden falls
Cascade Creek, Yellowstone

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dayum, i have some seed/sprout/plant shopping to do, that's for sure. but i have mondo space for maters this year, and plenty of room to try golden, cherry, heirloom, striped and "black" varieties.

i'm inspired. time to post.