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VA report: Colony of bats in clinic "beneficial" because bats keep the insects down

I kid you not:

Some of the more striking problems were found at a VA clinic in White City, Ore. There, officials reported roof leaks throughout the facility, requiring them to "continuously repair the leaks upon occurrence, clean up any mold presence if any exists, spray or remove ceiling tiles."

In addition, large colonies of bats resided outside the facility and sometimes flew into the attics and interior parts of the building.

"Eradication has been discussed but the uniqueness of the situation (the number of colonies) makes it challenging to accomplish," according to the report, which said the bats were being tested for diseases. "Also, the bats keep the insect pollution to a minimum which is beneficial."

Surprise! It's not just Walter Reed!

When you put people who want to destroy the government in charge of the government, they destroy the government.

Ya think?

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Submitted by vicki on

But it's true. Bats do keep the insect population down. It's beneficial on that score.

But if they'd just be able to train those pesky patients to keep the "food" out of their rooms, there'd be no need for, um, bats.

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Submitted by Ruth on

... and think of the savings! Seriously, bats are cultivated in N.TX. to keep down mosquitoes, and I'd much prefer a bat colony to bugmen spraying down anywhere with lots of poisonous stuff, like, say, DeLay did in his pre-criminal congressional corruption days.


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Submitted by chicago dyke on

and i'm sorry- i'll take the mosquitoes. seriously, you don't know the meaning of the word "scared" until you've had a bat fly out of your ceiling in the dead of night, alighting on your head as you run screaming from the room.

bat colonies: fine. bats inside your bedroom: right out. jesus, think of people suffering from PTSD. that's just fucked up to think that they had to deal with things flying at them in the middle of the night, my god what a terror for those too wounded to run away...

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Submitted by Ruth on

... only vegetarian bats then. You shouldn't have been so friendly, ChiDyke! Or tasty. Sorry, not a laughing matter for you - or anyone who was in a fragile state, either, as you point out. Bat colonies hereafter to be recommended only on a voluntary basis. Walter Reed should probably remove any colonies - but like bee swarms, they would probably be offered a home somewhere else.

However, anyone who has ever discovered a misquito, half-filled, sitting on her/his face, arm, other parts, really, it's pretty revolting.

Mosquitoes also spread diseases, and not only to humans. Infectious equine encephalitis is a big problem to horses, so bats are particularly good on farms.