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Uwe E. Reinhardt, quelle surprise, refuses to put single payer on the table

Defining our reality.

Either Rivlin/Ryan privatizing Medicare, or ten years of excrementalism from Reinhardt and his ilk. But never, oh never, a proven solution that will actually save lives and money.

Out of a lingering respect for scholarship, I've always been reluctant to play the "class interest" card with the profs. But after the academic economists shat the bed on the financial collapse, and the career "progressives," aided by academics like Hacker, shat the bed on HCR, I think that a child of six can see the handwriting on the check. Mene mene tekel upharsin.

Ten years of thumbsucking and beard-stroking and column-inches and papers and grad students and think tank funding and conferences and consulting contracts along the way. And then retirement! That's what Reinhardt's cohort is all about.

At least people like Ryan and Rivlin are honest about their desires for the weak to be killed. Hand-washing Pilates like Reinhardt are not honest, and so in fact are more dangerous.

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Another Reinhardt column from April of last year:
Raises the prospect of a working healthcare system that is not "government" -

The unfortunate assumption the reader is asked to swallow is that his examples are in any way transferrable. yet he gives up the ruse at the end by posing a question -
"64,000 question is whether America’s private health insurers would be willing to countenance the tight regulation required for that approach."
- with a painfully obvious answer.

Worth a read, but here are the highlights:
What if that ["public option"] were sacrificed on the altar of bipartisanship? Would it be the end of meaningful health reform?

Not necessarily, if the health systems of the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland are any guide.


None of these countries uses a government-run, Medicare-like health insurance plan. They all rely on purely private, nonprofit or for-profit insurers that are goaded by tight regulation to work toward socially desired ends.

The health insurance premiums paid by Germans are collected in a national, government-run central fund that effectively performs the risk-pooling function for the entire system.  [sound like single payer?]


 $64,000 question is whether America’s private health insurers would be willing to countenance the tight regulation required for that approach.

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Academic economists are charlatan enablers who provide the "intellectual" foundation for kleptocracy. They are just as criminal as the Wall Street bankers, corrupt politicians, and propagandizing media. It's not that one group has infected the others. Rather it is that they are all in it together.

I have seen these stories where the assertion is made that only 10% of economists fall into the enabler category. I find this hard to believe. Under what rock have they been hiding for the last 30 years? Why is it that it is always the same 6-10 names that come up when we discuss economists who have some real idea about what is going on?