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US/Int’l Cronies Hypocrisy/Evil Behind Destruction of Syria

Nile Bowie writes:

“There is no surer sign of a pathological mind than when one credits others with the blood on their own hands.”

Do you seriously believe that the Assad government of Syria has deliberately set out to kill over 70,000 of its own citizens? That US, NATO countries, Israel and neighboring countries to Syria like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are rallying militarily to protect the welfare of Syrian civilians? I'm thinking they care as much as they cared about the welfare of Iraqis ten years ago. Or the welfare of the Libyans in 2011?

Bowie writes:

Let’s not humor ourselves by thinking John Kerry, William Hague, Laurent Fabius or Qatari Emir Khalifa Al Thani actually care about the people of Syria. However, many casualties the Syrian conflict has incurred thus far can be attributable to the influx of foreign funds, foreign arms, and foreign fighters. It would be intellectually dishonest to deny that the tactics of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army have also caused widespread civilian causalities and suffering. It is an enormous challenge for a state military to quell unconventional insurgencies of the sort carried out by militants in Syria when these battles take place in densely populated residential areas.

One should not cynically credit Syrian government forces with intentionally killing their own people; this does not serve the purposes of the state in anyway. Civilian deaths that have occurred as a result of government forces engaging the insurgency should more accurately be seen as a heinous by-product of a foreign campaign to topple the Syrian government.

These international thugs’, particularly our own US thug government's, involvement in the present horror happening in Syria is bottom-line avaricious EVIL. Don’t be conned!

Can you skate over the reality that al-Qaeda forces are playing the major “shock troops” to terrorize the Syrian citizenry, supported by money and weaponry from the international imperialist mafia to hasten regime change? The “terrorists” some who were killing our troops in Iraq are NOW supported by the US and the other international thugs in Syria as faux-"freedom-fighting rebels." Craven means to justify craven ends.

The foreign jihadist terrorists are conveniently being used to exercise massive barbarism to topple another Middle-Eastern country for these unscrupulous imperialist international players. They brazenly and hypocritically blame Assad’s government for the carnage on the public stage, but are really vultures circling the dying carcass of yet another country from their machinations, ready to zoom down for the inevitable, profiteering KILL. Profits uber humanity yet again? You betcha!!!!


The Obama administration’s policy toward Libya and Syria eyes the same familiar endgame as what the Bush administration sought in its foreign policy adventures. The fact that many of those on the left who campaigned against Iraq and Afghanistan are now generally silent, or even supportive of Obama’s agenda, is proof that his policies have been packaged far more intelligently for mainstream consumption. The reality is that Syria is “Shock and Awe” by other means.

Ten years ago there was substantial opposition among the American citizenry to a dirty and craven Iraq War. Maybe not enough to stop it, but evidence of a substantial segment of the American population with conscience. The madness, nevertheless, continued and U.S. war criminality in Iraq continued (and spread elsewhere) these ten long bloody years despite whichever corporate party was in power in the United States. Today there is even less outcry of the citiznery than there was with Iraq over the military and political raping of Syria.

Seamus Milne sums up the present conditions in Iraq:

If anyone doubted what kind of Iraq has been bequeathed by a decade of US-sponsored occupation and war, today's deadly sectarian bomb attacks around Baghdad against bus queues and markets should have set them straight. Ten years to the day after American and British troops launched an unprovoked attack on a false pretext – and more than a year since the last combat troops were withdrawn – the conflict they unleashed shows no sign of winding down.

Civilians are still being killed at a rate of at least 4,000 a year, and police at about 1,000. As in the days when US and British forces directly ran the country, torture is rampant, thousands are imprisoned without trial, and disappearances and state killings are routine.

Meanwhile power and sewage systems barely function, more than a third of adults are unemployed, state corruption has become an institutionalised kleptocracy and trade unionists are tried for calling strikes and demonstrations (the oil workers' leader is in court in Basra on that charge tomorrow). In recent months, mass protests in Sunni areas have threatened to tip over into violence, or even renewed civil war.

This is the result of the help the United States gave the people of Iraq with that regime change agenda.

Skipping over the same kind of cess-pool regime change involvement in Libya (which deserves exploration and never got it from our media, citizenry and the international community), let’s address the present fresh hell of SYRIA.

We are way down the same kind of Iraq-War-propagandized garden path leading to Syria's doom at our and our cronies' EVIL hands to be intensified even more shortly when the U.S. makes another “humanitarian” move into deeper and more direct destructive involvement.

The NewsHour, CNN, Charlie Rose, the NYT, Washington Post, and the rest of U.S. corporate media are doing their craven propagandizing best. TOTALLY ON BOARD with framing the present bloodbath in Syria into white hats versus black hats. Too bad they have attributed the opposite of reality in the coloration of said hats in propagandizing for another “regime change” for corporate profit.


This from Bill Van Auken:

In reality, the Obama administration has been intimately involved in the operations to ship arms to the Syrian anti-regime militias, setting up a CIA station near the Syrian-Turkish border to coordinate arms and aid pouring in from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this month, Washington announced that it was providing its own “non-lethal” aid to these forces, including military rations, medical kits and other gear. At the same time, it has been widely reported that US special operations troops are training anti-Assad militiamen in Jordan. The Syrian government reported this week that a force of some 300 such US-trained fighters had crossed the Jordanian border into Syria.

The bulk of the fighting against Syrian government forces, however, is being carried out by Islamist militias, the most prominent among them Jabhat al-Nusra, an Al Qaeda affiliate that Washington has formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization.

We are in realpolitik “heart of darkness” territory. You would think after the obvious horrors of Iraq that played out, we as empathetic human beings could rally to pull back our defiant of international law and of Geneva Conventions present government to STOP ITS MADNESS!!! Especially since the bloated US military budget is devoted to mass global human cruelty. Our tax dollars and the blood of our young people spent on amoral profiteering global violence.

This is the account from RT, Russia Today, of a bold, chemical attack near Aleppo on Tuesday:

Syrian rebels have used a rocket chemical warhead in Aleppo, killing 25 people and injuring 86, says Syria's Information Minister. The attack escalates the Syrian conflict and brings the violence to a new level, believe Russian diplomats.

The Syrian government's SANA news agency reported that terrorists fired a rocket containing chemical substances in the Khan al-Assal area of rural Aleppo and confirmed that at least 25 people, most of them civilians, were killed.

A photographer working for Reuters in Aleppo reported that the witnesses of the attack complain of a strong smell of chlorine near the epicenter of the attack. Reportedly, people had breathing problems and some of them died of suffocation.

"They said that people were suffocating in the streets and the air smelt strongly of chlorine,” the photographer said, stressing that most of the victims he saw while visiting the University of Aleppo hospital and the al-Rajaa hospital were women and children.

"People were dying in the streets and in their houses," he said by phone.

A statement published on the Russian Foreign Ministry website says that “According to information coming from Damascus, the armed opposition used chemical weapons early in the morning on March 19 in the province of Aleppo” .

“This is an extremely alarming and dangerous development of events in the Syrian crisis,” believe Russian diplomats.

I suppose this nightmare visited on a collection of Syrians is what the international mafia has been praying for to justify more DIRECT involvement in Syria, now that the terrorists have done their preliminary devastation.

The Obama administration is selecting the right moment to use the “weapons of mass destruction/chemical weapons” playbook in Syria, since it was so effective back in pre-Iraq War prep-days of the Bush cabal.

This is all the more craven and crazymaking, however, since it seems it is the US-backed foreign jihadist terrorists who are the ones that got their hands on chemical weapons and are now using them on the hapless Syrian citizens and the Syrian soldiers. Still, this turn of events (with all due cognitive dissonance) sets up the US's Obama and Israel and the rest of the international vultures to posture that they MUST DIRECTLY interfere because the proverbial “red line” of dangerousness has been crossed.

The “red line” that the international mafia worked and helped so hard to create??? WTF? How brazenly craven and cynical and pathologically manipulative can you get?

This from Tony Cartalucci re the chemical weapons:

It remains to be seen where these chemical weapons came from. Should they appear to be from Libya's arsenal, NATO, especially the US and Turkey, would be implicated in supplying Al Qaeda terrorists with WMDs, the very scenario the West has been paralyzed in fear over for the past 10 years, has given up its liberties, and spilled the blood of thousands of its soldiers to prevent.

Bill Van Auken’s take of this turn of events and the U.S. government's readiness for military escalation in Syria:

The top US commander in Europe told a Senate hearing Tuesday that the US military and NATO are drawing up plans for direct military intervention in Syria.


Meanwhile, the apparent use of a chemical weapon that claimed the lives of over 30 Syrians Tuesday prompted renewed demands for direct US intervention on Capitol Hill.

And this:

Lawmakers invoked Obama’s earlier threats that the use of chemical weapons in Syria represented a “red line” that would prompt US intervention. “If today’s reports are substantiated, the President’s red line has been crossed, and we would urge him to take immediate action to impose the consequences he has promised,” Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain said in a joint statement.

Graham went further in an interview, calling for sending US ground troops into Syria to secure its chemical weapons, an operation that the Pentagon estimated would require 75,000 soldiers and Marines.

“The twisted logic of this campaign is that the two-year-old sectarian civil war that the US and its allies in Europe, Turkey and the Persian Gulf monarchies have fomented, funded and armed has weakened the Assad regime to such an extent that its chemical weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists.”


America’s ruling elite is now pressing for even greater and more destructive conflicts, in the face of mass public opposition to war. In Orwellian fashion, familiar and discredited pretexts of “weapons of mass destruction,” terrorism and the promotion of “democracy” are being recycled, this time to justify war against Syria.

On Capitol Hill there was a drumbeat of calls for new Middle East wars. Adm. James Stavridis, the chief of the Pentagon’s European Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday on extensive planning by NATO for intervention in Syria. “We are looking at a wide range of operations, and we are prepared if called upon to be engaged as we were in Libya,” he said.

Under serious consideration, according to Stavridis, is the establishment of a “no-fly zone.” Calls for such a no-fly zone in Libya, approved by the United Nations Security Council in March 2011, led to a US-NATO bombing campaign and war for regime change.

We all know how devastating those benign-sounding "no fly" zones proved to be for Libyans.

Nile Bowie explains more of the realpolitik:

There are a myriad of reasons why Bashar al-Assad must go in the eyes of policy makers in Washington and Tel Aviv, and the destruction of his tenure could not have been possible without the financial muscle of Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s wretchedly opulent Wahhabi Monarchs.

These glittering kingdoms of disaster-capitalism are not only responsible for supplying weapons and cash; a major incentive of theirs is exporting the Wahhabist and Salafist ideologies that many of Syria’s imported jihadists subscribe to, a warped and primal interpretation of Islam that has fueled the sectarian nature of the Syrian conflict and deepened social divisions to their most dangerous point - in a country that was once renowned for its tolerance of religious diversity.

These Persian Gulf kingdoms, which are more-or-less given a trump card to commit deplorable human rights violations institutionally, are also responsible for propping up the political arm of their militant foot soldiers, and that comes in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood.


.... The Muslim Brotherhood has politically dominated the Syrian National Council since its creation, in addition to organizing tactical elements of the insurgency. The backbone of the Brotherhood’s relationship with the medieval monarchies of the Persian Gulf is grounded in a firm opposition to Shia Islam, as extolled by clerical leaders in Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah; Assad himself is also an Alawite, an offshoot of Shia Islam. It should be clear enough by now how enflaming sectarian divisions in the region was a prerequisite for those bank-rolling the insurgency, aimed at demolishing the secular Syrian state.

Bill Van Auken describes U.S. government disregard for the reality of the plight of the Syrian people and its shaping of the faux-Syrian coalition government to be placed in power when regime change is accomplished:

The Obama administration brushed aside the incident [Tuesday's chemical weapon attack near Aleppo], with the White House saying it had “no evidence” that any attack had taken place. A State Department spokeswoman dismissed it as nothing more than “the regime's continued attempts to discredit the legitimate opposition and distract from its own atrocities committed against the Syrian people.”

In other words, atrocities carried out by Western-backed forces in Syria will be ignored.

Referring to Tuesday’s attack, Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi described it as “the first act by the government announced in Istanbul.”

He was referring to the meeting convened Monday by the Syrian National Coalition, a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated front cobbled together last November under the direction of the US State Department. The gathering, consisting of a total of 63 people, chose Ghassan Hitto, a naturalized American citizen and IT business executive from Texas who left Syria more than 30 years ago, as “prime minister” of what the front is calling an “interim government.”

Hitto follows in the footsteps of Abdurraheem el-Keib, installed as Libya’s prime minister following the US-NATO war for regime change in that country. Like Hitto, Keib was also a US citizen with close ties to the oil industry, who had been out of Libya for 35 years.


Nothing could more graphically expose the real nature of the so-called “Syrian revolution,” whose leadership is being shaped directly by the US State Department.

Nile Bowie sums up the entire ugly scenario powerfully:

Let’s just get this straight - Assad, a leader whose presence today is a testament to the fact that he continues to enjoy majority popular support, is considered to have lost his legitimacy. On the other hand, Hitto, a man with no political experience who received 35 votes out of 49 ballots cast during a Syrian National Coalition meeting, is supposed to be legitimate representative of the Syrian people?

These realities can only be interpreted as the boot of the so-called “International Community” squashing the face of the Syrian people, imposing on them a man who does not represent them, but the business interests of multinational corporations who seek to plant their flags in the soil of a post-Assad Syria.

"The boot of the so-called 'International Community' squashing the face of the Syrian people!!!!"

Can we Americans rally to stop the evil perpetrated in our name against the people of Syria? One more nation community destroyed by our rogue, corporate-driven government using our tax dollars and soon again our young troops as cannon fodder!


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