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US Violence & Iraq-Faux-Rescue Redux

So two and a half years ago Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, US puppet, got a little too uppity and refused to make a SOFA (Status of Forces) Agreement with the US so the US could leave 10,000 troops indefinitely deployed in Iraq at “strategic bases”.

Bill Van Auken in “Washington escalates intervention in region-wide Middle East war” writes;

Key among these provisions, according to Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby, is blanket immunity from Iraqi or international law relating to the slaying of Iraqi civilians or other war crimes.

I think at this moment of the “Collateral Murder” video Chelsea Manning discovered and released for public awareness (she is now serving 35 years of incarceration for exposing this evidence among so much more of massive US war criminality). The chilling video shows a group of gunners in a low flying Apache helicopter shooting at a group of Iraqi civilians below them, including a good Samaritan and his two children who arrived in a truck after the first wave of shooting. The audio reveals that the murdering was accompanied with shrieks of victory and delight as if at video-game play. None of the soldiers was ever prosecuted.

Another hero, Ethan McCord, Iraq veteran and whistleblower happened to be on the ground in Baghdad close to the time and place of the Collateral Murder atrocity. He rushed to the aid of the victim children. McCord has revealed that the real but unofficial rules of engagement in Iraq for US troops were that there were no rules. In fact, it was a common practice for troops to resort to 360 degree rotational fire, say in a crowded marketplace, when any kind of threat was discerned.

Not hard to imagine why immunity for US soldiers was an issue with Maliki and an embittered Iraqi citizenry.

Now the Obama administration has all the aces, for this hand, anyway, in “negotiating” with Maliki. It will get its bases. As for Maliki, he hasn’t got a prayer of lasting as prime minister. Though the US can’t directly “fire” Maliki. it has its fake "pro-democracy" stance to sustain. It can simply play mafiaso blackmail -- make him an offer he can’t refuse to go away -- in this case, by using the formidable threat of ISIS jihadists.

You know who I mean? Those ferocious jihadists that the US is supporting and pretending not to in Syria. On the side of the angels when they are slaughtering and beheading supporters of Assad. In Iraq in they are in league with the devil? Well, actually, yes. If the nickname fits, USA!

This is what Van Auken has to say about ISIS:

... the reality is that this Islamist militia is Washington’s own Frankenstein’s monster. It was forged first through the US military destruction of Iraqi society and the divide-and-rule strategy of the American occupation that fueled the bitter sectarian bloodbath that wracked the country. While suppressed in Iraq, this tendency had a dramatic resurgence in Syria as the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other regimes in the region funneled arms and other support to the Islamist-dominated “rebels” carrying out the sectarian war for regime change against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Van Auken reminds us that Obama won his first election by posturing as an "opponent" of the Iraq War against a more outspoken militarist, Hillary Clinton, and a more easily recognizable crazed war addict, John McCain. Now, no surprise, Obama is playing the “terrorism” card to justify more violent US militarism. Once more he is playing Lucy and the football to coax Americans down one more, in fact an already travelled, “garden path” to war. Van Auken:

In his statement delivered at the White House on Thursday Obama attempted to sell the renewed deployment of US forces in Iraq as part of Washington’s global war on terrorism—he repeated the words “terrorism” or “terrorist” 10 times in the short briefing. In reality, however, the US ruling establishment’s response to the collapse of the US-trained Iraqi military in the face of broad-based insurgency by Iraq’s Sunni minority is directed at pursuing far broader aims, both regionally and globally.

Do you think the US military establishment and politicians, including Obama, seriously give a rat’s ass about the welfare of the Iraqis or for that matter cannon fodder mostly poor and/or idealist kids among US and allied troops in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere? Yeah, Obama does his photo ops with surviving and maimed soldier heros and talks the talk. Come on! All those “honor the troops” pols, Dems AND Repubs, along with a blood-lusting amoral mainstream media don't seriously care!! Look at the statistics! Look at the bloodbaths! Not a rat’s ass about humanity! Ends justifiy the means with their agenda of hegemony. Creating mayhem and divisiveness is a plus.

The Obama administration and the Pentagon wanted those military bases and now they will get them. Do they want the country of Iraq or any Mid-East country or ANY country, save itself and Israel, to be safe and stable? Care to buy a bridge leading from Manhattan to Brooklyn if you do?

US heart of darkness realpolitik is to DE-STABILIZE AND OPPRESS ALL MIDDLE EASTERN NATIONS, OR FOR THAT MATTER ALL NATIONS INCLUDING IRAN AND NOW RUSSIA AND CHINA for the power mania of itself and crony Israel. To loot and plunder all resources, particularly for -- spell it with me now -- O-I-L!!! Profits uber alles. Loss of human lives, so not a biggie.

Van Auken:

This points to another major strategic aim in the Iraq intervention, which is to weaken Iranian influence in the country as part of an overarching strategy of subduing every power that poses an impediment to US imperialism’s drive for global hegemony.


The US intervention in Iraq is part of a broader intervention into a developing region-wide war that has been ignited by a succession of American military operations, ranging from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the use of Islamist militias as proxy forces in the 2011 US-NATO war for regime change in Libya and the instigation and support for the ongoing sectarian civil war in Syria by Washington and its allies, including Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Persian Gulf monarchies.


In other words, the latest intervention—like the catastrophic nearly nine-year-long war and occupation that preceded it—is ultimately about oil and who controls this strategic resource.

It was to establish American imperialist hegemony over the oil reserves of the Persian Gulf that Washington launched its war based on lies in March 2003, killing upwards of a million Iraqis and sacrificing the lives of some US 4,500 troops in the process. US imperialism has never given up on this goal, even while forced to pursue it by other means.

There is also another ugly angle to the US response to Iraq’s present plight. Last September the Obama administration was forced to back down from its intention to carry out air strikes against Assad’s regime in Syria. Now, it can exploit this present Iraq scenario to bomb Syria while bombing Iraq.

Van Auken reveals that US officials while talking to the Washington Post on Thursday said that the administration sees Iraq AND Syria as “a single challenge”! In the guise of fighting terrorism, the US could carry on with its latest in a series of regime change campaigns -- this time with Syria. Van Auken adds that Senator John McCain is thrilled with this dual agenda. Of course he is.

Are we Americans going to be punked into bobbling our heads and colluding with mass war criminality one more time?

Admittedly, DC establishment propaganda pouring out of the magic and mendacious tv box 24/7 or from the diabolical, undeservedly revered establishment press like the New York Times or Washington Post that led us so smoothly into prior criminal warring is overwhelming. But c'mon, it shouldn't be all that confusing judging from how often we have been punked and how many MILLIONS of devastated or ended human lives have resulted!!!

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an emotional ps.

The original rat bastards who lied the US into the Iraq War are cravenly being given air time on the amoral mainstream media and the present rat bastards who are still working for the same friggin' sociopathic oligarchs and oligarchies are about to wage war ... about to get back on the slippery slope, ... are about to play white hats vs. black hats and though Obama says there can be no military solution ... he is going to activate military action. We know diplomacy is a joke with the Obama administration because they don't negotiate with good faith. They are all gamesmen and gameswomen --- as is Hillary and her crew.

Obama is ignoring Congress and the UN with Congress and the UN's compliance along with most of the war weary but friggin' passive Americans. WTF??????

Hillary is on board with militarism and has sold her soul already to the military industrial complex and she is going for book signings and swarms of Americans are showing up to bask in her celebrity glow.

Condoleeza Rice is going around making speeches dogged thankfully by some protesters with conscience but considering her sins a modest degree of outrage for this country considering what is going on these days. Half the discretionary spending or maybe more goes to the military which is shameful as people are falling more deeply into poverty. And the money is going to massively destroy lives and to make the rat bastards richer.

There is a secret think tank called the Minerva Research Institute which was begun in 2008 in which studies are being made on how to stifle protesters in the US. Lots of conscience-less faux-smart people doing some evil brainstorming.

Bush should have been impeached for the Iraq War and now Obama should be impeached for his wars and announcing he has the right to take military action without authorization from Congress with the latest Iraq mess, which proves that the anti-Iraq War people were right all along.

Chelsea Manning wrote an article in NYT was it about how what happens in places like Iraq really -- what our troops do and their Hamburger Hill ordering commanders do -- is not accurately reported to the American people. Chelsea Manning, 35 years imprisonment for telling the truth and trying to change War Culture America.

Team Dem is defending Obama to the bottom feeding scum suckers from the Bush cabal that Obama LET WALK AWAY FROM THEIR MURDEROUSNESS AND TORTURE. AND THEN HE HIMSELF KEPT IT UP. Slicker impression management and more urbane lying notwithstanding. Funny Cheney criticizing Obama when Obama is following Cheney's war policies.

And then there are the neo-nazi US enabled death squads in Ukraine who are slaughtering innocent people there with the blessing and help of the US death squads and weaponry. The Ukrainian army soldiers many won't kill their fellow countrymen but the Nazi thugs will and the US CIA and mercenary death squads are willing to.

The media lies because it is reporting on behalf of the sociopathic corporatists, overlords of our politicians who don't want to have to take a stand against War with Iraq because it is an election year and their jobs and brands and images are far more important than the welfare of Americans or global human beings and the constitution of the United States. They would prefer to step back and relinquish their oath-taking responsibility.

The US is going to drop bombs to bring about peace. Orwell redux.

The US government can work with other countries and the UN to stop the wars in Syria and Iraq and Ukraine. It can do no harm. It can do the right thing. It only needs to commit to doing the right thing. But we don't have honorable and civilized and sane people running the country. Conflict resolution is possible. The only thing is, there has to be a sense of social justice and empathy and the US has to stop playing mass murderer for the profiteers in corporations or partner countries or Israel.

That is a lot to ask, and from DAY ONE Obama has shown no moral vision and commitment.

I thought at some point people would get tired of committing to evil, to championing someone who was making evil choices, even if they were supposed to be comparatively lesser evil to what came before.

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Oh, and I treat "scum sucking" as one word: "scumsucking." Carry on!

* * *

Sadly, Hillary really believes that shit. It's not a matter of "she has to say that" at all. What a disappointment on so many levels. I mean, if the vote for the AUMF was a mistake, then what kind of mistake was it, and what are the implications?!

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" But c'mon, it shouldn't be all that confusing judging from how often we have been punked and how many MILLIONS of devastated or ended human lives have resulted!!!"

Unfortunately, though you can't fool all the people all the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time. That's usually sufficient.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...confused at all. It has been pretty clear things would devolve after the U.S. left.
Seems right on schedule if history is any judge...
Civil war and a factioning into the pre-Sykes/Picot treaty was inevitable.
And here we are; let the factioning begin with vigor...
As to the west/America? Butt out...

Submitted by lambert on

That's the hash tag that ISIS (IIRC) started using, though others seem to have picked it up, which makes sense, since it's a good description of what's going on. A century or so of hegemony isn't much, by "fertile crescent" standards, I would think.