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U.S. troops said to fire over the heads of Iraqi demonstrators supporting shoe-thrower

If the shoe fits... The fitting shoe, in this case, being the shoe of "colonial power". The invaluable McClathchy:

Iraqis on the street continue to show support for [Muntathar al] Zaidi, who disrupted a news conference Sunday in Baghdad by Bush and Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki [by throwing a shoe at Bush.]

University students rallied for Zaidi in Fallujah on Wednesday, drawing the attention [!] of U.S. forces.

Students raised their shoes and threw rocks at American soldiers, who reportedly opened fire above the crowd. Protesters said that indirect fire wounded one student, Zaid Salih. U.S. forces haven't confirmed the account.

"We demonstrated to express our support for Muntathar al Zaidi, but we were surprised with the entrance of the U.S. military," said Ahmed Ismail, one of the protesters. "Unconsciously, we raised our shoes expressing our support for al Zaidi, but they attacked us."

Oh good. Fallujah. Anyone else get the feeling that Obama's sixteen month drawdown, with forces remaining indefinitely in the permanent bases we've never relinquished, is going to seem awfully long?

Where's the oil, baby?

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