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Us, Robot

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I've had a number of discussions with fellow progressives in the last week and found it deeply depressing.

The Mighty Wurlitzer that propagates talking points is playing as loud as ever, and liberals seem no more sophisticated than conservatives at recognizing that they're being programmed and played.

Do you think that Democratic wins in 2008 make this not a problem? If "yes," go watch the telly. They're waiting for you.

On cue, everyone's spouting the same crap, like the ingenious "Team of Rivals" that was such a winner for Lincoln, and how we're therefore supposed to love the idea of a Bob Gates or a Colin Powell being allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

On cue, the talking point about Bill Clinton's foundation posing worrisome complications for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was on everyone's lips, as if that were the definitive topic about whether HRC is a good choice for the job.

The number of robotic narratives that pervade the zeitgeist is overwhelmingly huge, and the hits just keep on coming.

Our progressive discourse is a shambles, built on cheapjack pre-fab framing — courtesy of our friends in the MSM — that can't possibly support a reality-based community. We. Are. So. Fucked.

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Submitted by lambert on

"Of course, Bill is a problem."

And why? Well, he was a problem for Hillary in the campaign. Why? South Carolina. Unspoken subtext: He's a racist.

And these are all, well, good people. Make me want to scream.

All we can hope for is that Obama really is the next FDR. Because that's what we're going to need.

Submitted by gob on

yes, sweet people, well-meaning people, one of whom, while taking our photo, said "Say cheese, well, say Obama." No irony.

Today, with tears in my eyes, I keep saying to myself, but at least I know these are the kind of people who will never support a campaign of hate and destruction. And then I think back to the looks on their faces when they snickered over Palin or said, ew, I could never vote for Hillary.

Such nice people.

Yes, the real hope is that to Obama it was all just an election ploy and everyone will calm down soon. And he and his crew well get down to doing some competent work, which we sorely sorely need.

Submitted by lambert on

... is having college age kids (like most of those round my table). I'm sure when you see your children becoming politically engaged and on the "right" side it's a big factor in shaping your views.

So, we're relying on the kindness both of the Centrists and on, well, the core of the Obama Movement. And on the parents to restrain moderate the kids (assuming the kids are the ones I met at Big Orange in Obama's uniquely Internet savvy campaign).

And on our own strengths, of course. 18 million is not a negligible number, but at the moment, it's headless (and, to be fair, probably concerned with more pressing matters like work, food, fuel).