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US OIL-igarchy Ravages Nigeria, Ukraine, US ...


The apt “OILigarchy’”coinage belongs to Jacqueline Marcus in “When It Comes to Expanding the US Oil Empire, Expect Chaos in Ukraine and Nigeria.” She writes:

While climate change escalates to an emergency crisis, a growing national security concern, the US OILigarchy-government is on a "search and seize mission" for the very product that is obliterating our earth: Polluting Oil.

The earth is burning up before our eyes from trapped CO2 green house emissions—but that means very little to a government that is literally owned by oil firms. If a country is cursed with having oil, such as Nigeria or Venezuela, expect to see CIA-military intervention, deliberate incitements of violence, arrests of oil opponents, surveillance, PSYOPS, Blackwater (now operating under the new name , Academi LLC,) and drone attacks—all put into practice in the name of either "national security" or "humanitarian efforts."

Marcus stresses that the victim regions being targeted for oil and gas exploitation and devastation not only include South America, the Middle East and Africa but the good old USA. There have already been numerous oil and gas disasters poisoning US rivers, water supplies, agricultural lands she asserts, blaming them on “negligence and a lack of regulatory oversight.”

In fact, Marcus stresses that US oil-gas companies are alarmingly readying themselves for even more public push-back from their ever-expanding environmental destructiveness. These companies, claims Marcus, have “admitted to having former military psychological operations, or PSYOPs, specialists to counter opponents of drilling in the United States.” The same techniques they are using here also are being applied to foreign regions.

Are pro-active US citizens fighting for non-poisonous water soon to be labelled “terrorists” by their own government? Well, actually, they already are considered so, but the corporate media propaganda megaphone hasn’t focused seriously on that yet. Wait.

Marcus explains that from the revelations about “US covert surveillance operations” from Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, illegal surveillance is destined to expand into “a police state nightmare” to protect private international corporate interests, PRIMARILY OIL-GAS INTERESTS! Profits over people. Profits over civil and human rights! She adds that Snowden’s disclosures have already revealed extensive surveillance of Latin American leaders in regard to regional oil resource operations. She writes:

Thousands of drones will be inspecting oil and gas production across the country with the aim to protect drilling from disgruntled Americans who've had their water and homes poisoned (see Josh Fox's Gasland Part 2)."


Just as the CEOs of top oil firms believe that they own the Gulf of Mexico, they also believe that they own the world, every inch of it. But you need not have to go to Venezuela or Ecuador or Nigeria to understand how US political coups for oil are played out with the assistance of intrusive surveillance and CIA operatives. No other government is sold out to the oil industry more than the United States. Indeed, the reason Al Gore was prevented from officially winning the 2000 presidential election might be related to climate change: Gore's green energy plans presented a serious threat to the status quo, viz. oil profits.

In Nigeria Marcus addresses how US oil companies have been “drilling and killing and polluting lush ecologies for decades.” In 1995 an environmentalist named Ken Saro-Wiwa led an international and non-violent campaign against Shell Oil there. Since Shell financially backed the Nigerian dictatorship, Saro-Wiwa was arrested, tortured, given a “sham trial” and hanged along with 8 other activists.

Marcus quotes an Amy Goodman-Democracy Now report, “true cost of oil”:

"While the region is one of the world's most productive oil fields, the local communities are among the world's poorest. The indigenous peoples of the Niger Delta suffer from pollution, destruction of the mangrove forests and depletion of fish stocks that sustained them. The companies operate with support of the oppressive Nigerian dictatorship and military– spurring violent and deadly backlash against activists who oppose them."

Yes, it is Nigeria that is now so much in the news over the deplorable and heartbreaking abduction of those wretched schoolgirls. Mass kidnappings are a “by-product”, asserts Marcus, of “the corrupt empire of oil.” Oil theft and sabotage are now problematic for Nigeria and the US government is very unhappy about this, in particular, on behalf of oil company interests there

Marcus advises her reader next to FOLLOW THE OIL over to the turmoil in Ukraine and to consider the critical new problems there -- for everyone EXCEPT oil profiteers.

Behind all that ferocious saber rattling in the name of Ukraine's independence, behind the false accusations launched at Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, lurks the CIA machinery that typically: 1) creates civil unrest known as the "shock doctrine"; 2) blames the other guy for the violence that the CIA secretly provoked, and while things are in turmoil; 3) re-arrange the gas flow in a favorable direction. It's the same policy, same plan—with the same hideous consequences for everyone except for the ones profiting from the dirty energy. This time, it's about accessing Ukraine's natural gas production and pipeline control.

It's appallingly shocking, after millions died fighting Hitler and fascism during WWII, that the US is now backing neo-Nazi fascists (read Kiev's Troops in Nazi German Uniforms, Sleep in American Tents) in the attempt to control billions of dollars of natural gas profits in this region.

Marcus cites Stephen Cohen, a Princeton professor and Russian scholar, who argues that Putin did not attack the Ukraine. The “whole mess” began “when the United States and Europe asked Ukraine back last November to make a decision between Russia and the European Union.”

The recent appointment of Vice President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to a leading post in Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s “largest private gas ‘fracking’ producer” certainly underlines how aligned the US government and BIG OIL are in the ruthless, "shock doctrine" takeovers of oil/gas resources. Marcus points out that the US has seemingly hired out the murderous Blackwater agency (now known as Academi) to aid neo-Nazi fascist militias of the new junta government to crush anti-government citizen dissent. Blood for oil, once again. Blood for “gas-line production control”!

Marcus addresses WH press secretary Jay Carney’s ridiculous dismissal of young Biden’s appointment as NOT being an “ethical problem” or a “conflict of interest” or “a case of nepotism”. Carney’s words:

"Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family are obviously private citizens, and where they work does not reflect an endorsement by the administration or by the vice-president or president..."

That's rich! Hunter Biden asserted that in his new position he will be advising the company on “transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities" to "contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine." Just ignore his daddy behind the corporate cronyism political curtain who has been actively advocating, even on a very recent visit to Kiev, “Ukraine energy independence.”

Let’s keep all the obscene amounts of oil money within those politically-pimped-out profiteering families and their intimate networks. After all, what was good for the Bushes should be good for the faux-”lesser evil” Dems! Right? By the way, John Kerry’s step-son’s roommate has also received a lucrative post with the Burisima firm.

Crony capitalism (ever supported by tax-paid, bloody overt or covert militarism) marches on to the next political aristocratic generation. The passing on of an oily and bloody baton! Touching, huh? Nepotism? Crony capitalism? Conflict of interest? Get over it. Hunter has as amiable and photogenic a smile as his dad or even Obama. Do the majority of lie-to-us ostrich Americans ask for more? Certainly the mainstream corporate media doesn't.

Marcus bitterly concludes:

In other words, no one in the White House comprehends the meaning of the phrase ethical dilemma. Maybe that's because no one in the White House possesses a conscience.


So there you have it. While President Obama is giving lofty speeches about climate change, and though he's thankfully subsidizing solar and wind, behind the scenes, his administration and the CIA are working diligently hard to occupy as many oil and gas regions around the world as possible.

Like I said, ethical behavior has no place in the cavernous bowels of hell known as the US government. But fascism plays extremely well in these purgatorial circles...”

Oil company CEOs and their pimped out pols -- you know, the "folks" responsible for turning the Gulf of Mexico into a toilet -- are dangerous. These same "folks" think Al-Qaeda terrorists, neo-Nazi militias, CIA and Blackwater assassins, NSA surveillance droning, etc., are vital tools for protecting so-called “American interests” ... even against Americans.

Just raise the flag, pay for the ammunition and STFU if you know what is good for you?

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I recently saw a movie called 'We're the Millers;' in it, Ed Helms (of the daily Show and 'The Hangover' movie fame) played Brad Gurdlinger, a sociopathic preppy drug kingpin. That character displayed all of the attributes of a successful corporate CEO. The singleminded pursuit of immediate financial gain to the exclusion of any consideration of the human toll his policies exact read like a Fortune magazine executive profile of an up and coming 'job creator.' With that in mind, the plight of Turkish mine workers at the hands of some savvy businessmen working under an EU mandate*, does seem eerily similar to that of Brad Gurdlinger's victims.

Turkish mine disaster: Town under uprising lockdown, dozens arrested |

The detentions were the first of an ongoing probe into last week's mine disaster at the formerly state-run mine in Soma, 480 km southwest of Istanbul, which has triggered a number of protests across the country over poor industry safety procedures.

Angry citizens allege the privatization of previously state-controlled mines has turned them over to politically connected businessmen who have skimped on safety to maximize profit.

*As part of the EU membership accession negotiations, the government started intense studies for liberalization and privatization in several industries, mining being one of them. With the regulatory changes, incentives offered, and reduced bureaucratic processes for obtaining mining licenses, both local and foreign investments have increased each passing year, reaching TRY 2.78 billion in 2008, and are expected to continue growing in the coming years.

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Turkey may be luckier than Spain and other EU redheaded stepchildren; but, the workers (who are told they're lucky to have a job) are still hapless victims of the global neoliberal cabal that routinely dooms thousands to death and dismemberment and millions to subhuman survival in the pursuit of a suitable supply chain.

Evidence mounts of criminal negligence in Turkish mine disaster

sensors showed dangerously high levels of toxic gas in the mine for days before the May 13 disaster. Company officials did not record the high levels in logbooks or take precautionary measures.

Higher heat readings were also recorded—a sign of an ongoing fire and the danger of an imminent methane gas or coal dust explosion. However, company officials continued to operate the mine, according to the report.

Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has spearheaded the drive to privatize and deregulate coal mining and other industries to strengthen the country’s bid to enter the European Union and satisfy the demands of the IMF. After the Soma mine was privatized in 2005, Gurkan waged a brutal cost-cutting campaign—with the blessing of the AKP government—sacrificing the lives of miners to boost profits.

Remember Bangladesh: 1200+ garment workers dead after being forced back into a cracked and crumbling multi-story building. Horror. Oh, horror.