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US Joins Genocidal Jihad Against Middle Eastern Shia! WTF?

Criminal hegemonic war-mongerers, including Obama with his charming PR speech, are among the G-8 power leaders meeting in Northern Ireland to discuss the fate of Syria.

The Obama administration, just as Bush used WMDs for the pre-emptive war with Iraq, is using the bogus “highly confident” (wink, wink) “chemical weapons accusation” to justify officially supporting the supposedly “rebel” forces in Syria.

This is about full out violent imperialism. Once more. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. A new notch for the regime-changing war criminal belt of the murderous American establishment. Bush and now Obama.


According to Bill Van Auken in "No to War in Syria!", the US is exploiting “right wing Sunni forces as its proxies” in the Middle East. It is joining forces with Islamist regimes like Turkey and Egypt. It is joining forces, he declares, “with reactionary Sunni monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf oil Emirates in what amounts to a jihad against the Shia population of the region.”

Van Auken warns that if the US aligns with the fundamentalist Sunni right wingers and brings them to power in Syria it could launch a “full-scale ethno-religious genocide.”

A full-scale ethno-religious genocide! Sunnis annihilating Shia and other non-Sunnis.

The imperialist vultures had assumed the Assad regime would have been toppled by now from the savagery of the jihadists in Syria who are the real shock troops there, not the original sincerely protesting Syrian rebels -- many who have reconsidered and are not inclined to be at the mercy of extremist right wing fundamentalist gangs.

The imperialist predators greatly misjudged the ease of toppling the Assad regime. Now it is time for them to pull out the Iraq WMD playbook and intensify the devastation and promote the dismemberment of Syria.

Going back for a sec to Van Auken’s reference to potential “full-scale ethno-religious genocide”. Is this really not a biggie for us American citizens? Or is this one more thing to turn our heads away from, easy to do in the low-information fog provided by our lying "trust-us" administration (yes, one in a series) and an amoral media eager to re-frame, ignore and minimize colossal levels of war criminality.

Is even the specter of full-scale entho-religious genocide ignorable and propaganda-able?

Let’s ask just how Syria threatens US security that we should involve ourselves in regime change there. Syria even collaborated with the US in its “war on terror” formerly.

Van Auken writes:

The official explanations for the intervention are beset by howling contradictions. The US is supposedly defending “democracy” in alliance with the government of Turkey, which is in the midst of savagely repressing popular protest. And while justifying interventions in the name of a “war on terror,” Washington is intervening in Syria to further a US-instigated insurgency that is spearheaded by Al Qaeda elements.

Say what? Turkey’s governance has unleashed ferocious police state forces against its protesting citizenry. We and NATO and Middle Eastern buddies are aiding and abetting our supposed “global war on terror” enemy, Al Qaeda in Syria covertly. So I guess the AUMF rules about treason don’t apply when it is the executive branch deciding to aid and abet?

And what are we among the US population doing as the US lowers the boom on Syria?


More dead innocent Syrians. Liberated? Yeah, from their lives! More killing fields for the poorest young adults in America. More tax dollars stolen from us for a murdering military budget. We are enablers and accessories to mass murder and the conspiracy to commit mass murder.

Van Auken reminds us this is not a new policy. Like a “Ground Hog Day” movie of war criminality. After World War II Washington did not like left-nationalist and socialist influences in the Middle East. So its CIA cultivated right-wing Islamists as a counterpoint force. In Indonesia in 1965 the CIA-backed coup with these Islamists as shock troops caused the slaughter of half a million people.

I guess Obama is just following through on the American real politik craven way! Working closely, by the way, with those “good-guy” NATO allies Britain and France to slaughter innocent Syrians. It’s not personal. At least to the big guy nations. It is part of the imperialism war game for corporate profit, power, resources, etc.!

In 1997, Van Auken discloses, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a think tank set up by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the like, already had put Syria on their “regime change” list. In early 2004, Congress passed the “Syria Accountability Act” imposing punishing economic sanctions on the country. Congress asserted in the act that Syria was an “extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.”

Why was Syria considered a threat to us?

Van Auken explains the problem of Syria for the present United States administration, the neo-libs and the neo-cons, a cozy bipartisan unit when it comes to war criminality.

The US was “trying to achieve” the violent imposition of US hegemony over the strategically vital and oil-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. It demanded that the Syrian regime break its ties with Moscow, Iran and the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, give its unconditional support to the US war in Iraq, and capitulate to Israel’s drive to annex the Golan Heights and south Lebanon. In other words, that it agree to turn Syria into a US semi-colonial protectorate. Assad could not meet these demands without committing political—and literal—suicide.


Anthony Cordesman, one of the most ruthless US strategists on the Middle East, bluntly spelled out the real motives of US intervention in a June 14 article posted on the CSIS think tank’s web site.

Cordesman argued that a war was necessary to inflict a defeat upon Syria’s ally and Washington’s regional rival, Iran, and reverse a perception in the Middle East that, after the debacle in Iraq and confronted with “a weak US economy and a national fiscal crisis, war fatigue and defense cuts,” Washington was “losing” and Iran was “gaining.” A major bloodletting in Syria was needed to pursue “a far broader power struggle that now ties the Levant and Gulf together,” he wrote.

As Cordesman makes clear, direct shipment of arms is only the first step, to be followed by the deployment of the CIA and Special Forces inside Syria, the imposition of a “no-fly zone” in Syrian airspace, and the transformation of the country into a “no-move zone” for pro-government forces—measures that entail a relentless bombing campaign and a vast increase in casualties.

What is outlined here is a massive war crime, similar in its planning and execution to the kind of aggressive war waged by the Nazis nearly three quarters of a century ago.


Do we really want to play the passive “Good Germans” as our government goes -- or continues to go -- “NAZI” on the world, one doomed country at a time?

There will be more catastrophic wars Van Auken stresses. Regime-change in Iran is a glowing goal for the predator imperialists scurrying to get the Syrian defeat over with.

But they won’t stop even there. Van Auken believes “Moscow is in Washington’s crosshairs.”

Van Auken:

... whatever concessions are extracted from Putin at the G8 meeting will only help prepare more effective aggression against Russia tomorrow.

For the fourth time in little more than a decade, the US is embarking on a new war. It is not just about the pursuit of global interests. Rather, unending war has become a crucial means of maintaining capitalist rule within the US itself by turning the immensely explosive contradictions of American society outward in the form of military violence. This policy is entirely bipartisan, with no significant opposition from any section of either party.

I don't know about you, but I’ve got some serious new nominations for that “axis of evil”.

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