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US Health-Insurance Serf-Slavery: Massuh Knows Best

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Really, I am just going to STFU.

Because one must not annoy one's health insurance company, nor must one annoy one's current employer, who may in fact be demanding twice as much work for no more pay, because one is bound to one's job as serfs were once bound to the land, but we won't really want to talk about it because the lives of oneself and one's loved ones may depend on one's ability to STFU.

And even though, more and more, one is encountering denial of medicines and services, in an apparent attempt to "cut costs" -- or perhaps "increase profits"? one must not talk about that.

Even though fiddling around with meds can sometimes, um, down the road, cause those who had previously been stable to, um, you know de-stabilize? Resulting in repeated, you know, hospitalizations? Which are actually more costly?

But -- I'd better watch what I say.

Then, I'll watch what you say.

Insisting on "Medicare Equality"? "Medicare for All"?


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Is the serfdom factor.

After RomneyCare came in, I was struck by how often friends' career and lifestyle decisions were weighed on by the imperative of getting a paid or partially paid insurance benefit (sic).

Though the president is still to the right of Cheney on gay marriage, he is intent on bringing one Massachusetts policy to the whole country. I'm sure our fellow Americans will find it as wicked pissah as we do!

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I know students who have graduated who are taking one or two courses to keep their student health insurance.

Wasn't one of Hayek's books called The Road to Serfdom? All about the evils of central planning? Of couse, there's no central planning in a kleptocracy. Not.