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US Govt/Media Heart Neo-Nazi Death Squads!!! WTF??? 

In Ukraine scores of UNARMED CIVILIANS presently are being mass murdered by forces of the junta government of Kiev -- and the Obama administration and our Congresspeople and our mainstream media are just FINE and DANDY about that!!!


Because these civilians are protesting an illegitimate government takeover they deserve to be slaughtered? Because they don’t trust the Nazi elements so strongly embedded in the new government and acting out their fascistic strong-arm repression in plain sight? Because they know the IMF exploitive austerity measures will bring about more poverty and misery for them and their families and friends? Their fellow countrypeople?

The western mainstream corporate media is “whitewashing” the reality that is going on right now, the slaughter of innocent and desperate Ukrainian civilians.


The Kiev regime is employing a mendacious policy of labeling legitimate protesters as “terrorists”, whether they are armed or not, and using that "cover" -- a blank check -- for mass murder by the REAL TERRORISTS, the neo-Nazi militias of Ukraine, enabled by the big-time US/NATO terrorists in the shadows.

Alex Lantier in “US, Kiev puppet regime escalate Ukraine conflict after Russian concessions”:

... it is Washington and its European allies that have stoked up the situation by installing and encouraging an unpopular, far-right regime in Kiev that is determined to drown internal opposition in blood.


A recent poll by the Washington, DC-based Pew Research Center found that only 41 percent of Ukrainians support the Kiev regime. Disapproval ratings are above the national average of 59 percent in the eastern Ukraine, reaching 67 percent. Popular opposition can be expected to grow this month, as the Kiev regime's unpopular 50 percent price increases for natural gas go into effect.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky in “America’s Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev. Towards a Scenario of Military Escalation?":

The “international community” has turned a blind eye, the Western media has described the Neo-Nazi Brown shirts as “freedom fighters”. ...


The Neo-Nazi mobs bear the hallmarks of US sponsored terrorism (e.g Syria) trained to commit atrocities against civilians. America’s Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev is a reality. Confirmed by Germany’s Bild: “Dozens of specialists from the US Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are advising the Ukrainian government” 


The killings are part of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” initiated by the Kiev government with the support of the Pentagon. 

The “anti-terrorist operation” is coordinated by the National Security and National Defense Committee (RNBOU). ..., which is controlled by Svoboda and Right Sector. Dmytro Yarosh, Neo-Nazi leader of the Right Sector delegation in the parliament, oversees the National Guard, a loyal civilian militia created in March with the support of Western military advisers. Paramilitary training of the National Guard commenced in mid-March, north of Kiev.


Right Sector can be identified by its members openly wearing Nazi insignia, as well as carrying crimson and black banners. Mobs supporting the Svoboda party are also present among recent clashes, wearing yellow armbands with the Nazi wolfangel symbol upon them...


These killings of civilians are part of a carefully planned military agenda involving both the National Guard as well organized armed Neo-Nazi mobs, casually described by the media as pro-Ukrainian activists. These are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. The Odessa killings bear the fingerprints of a US-NATO led intelligence operation, with both National Guard and Right Sector militants trained in paramilitary combat skills including the killings of innocent civilians.

Washington’s Blog in “America Has Switched Sides: Now Backs Al Qaeda and Nazi” quotes historian William Blum:

In Ukraine the United States is on the same side as the neo-Nazi types, who – taking time off from parading around with their swastika-like symbols and calling for the death of Jews, Russians and Communists – on May 2 burned down a trade-union building in Odessa, killing scores of people and sending hundreds to hospital; many of the victims were beaten or shot when they tried to flee the flames and smoke; ambulances were blocked from reaching the wounded. Try and find an American mainstream media entity that has made a serious attempt to capture the horror.


[Obama] partners with jihadists and Nazis and has waged war against seven nations.

Washington’s Blog goes on:

... the new Ukrainian government is sending in neo-Nazi brigades to do the hatchet work that the local police refuse to carry out.


And yet the U.S. is heavily supporting these thugs.   Once again, America has switched sides … from fighting Nazis in World War II to backing them today.


The U.S. is backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine ...

These savages have already committed mass murder in broad daylight … on camera while being filmed.

The leader of the “protests” in February 2014 which ousted the president of Ukraine (Andriy Parubiy) is a neo Nazi and follower of a prominent Ukrainian Nazi.

He’s now the head of national security in Ukraine.  In that role, he has organized neo-Nazi brigades to murder Russian-speaking Ukrainians en masse.

Robert Parry in “Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive” writes of Ukraine’s “National Guard” which has been drawn from “well-organized bands of neo-Nazi extremists” who were the ones hurling fire bombs at police and firing weapons on February 22 in Kiev.


But the mainstream U.S. press – in line with State Department guidance – has sought to minimize or dismiss the key role played by neo-Nazis in these “self-defense” forces as well as in the new government. At most, you’ll see references to these neo-Nazis as “Ukrainian nationalists.”

However, as resistance to Kiev’s right-wing regime expanded in the ethnic Russian east and south, the coup regime found itself unable to count on regular Ukrainian troops to fire on civilians. Thus, its national security chief Andriy Parubiy, himself a neo-Nazi, turned to the intensely motivated neo-Nazi shock troops who had been battle-tested during the coup.


Though many Americans don’t want to believe that their government would collaborate with neo-Nazis or other extremist elements, there actually has been a long history of just that. In conflicts as diverse as the revolutions in Central America and the anti-Soviet Afghan war in the 1980s to the current civil conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, it has not been uncommon for the side favored by the United States to rely on extremist paramilitary forces to engage in the most brutal fighting.

Parry even mentions how most Americans were troubled by and resistant to reports back then about U.S.-sponsored right-wing “death squads” across Central America killing priests and nuns, for example, and committing other vicious atrocities.

Nile Bowie in “The Russian Perspective”: 

The transfer of power in Ukraine was entirely undemocratic and unconstitutional, as ragtag paramilitary groups armed with baseball bats and molotov cocktails occupied government buildings and ousted a democratically elected leader. Yet, leaders in Washington and Brussels showed no hesitation to immediately recognize the new government Kiev, which remains – legally speaking – an unelected putsch regime.


The United States has essentially midwifed the new government in Ukraine while turning a blind eye to the abuses committed by ultra-nationalists groups allied to the new regime.


Svoboda and the Right Sector laid the groundwork for the putsch by occupying the Maidan and attacking security forces. Members of these far-right groups openly espouse ethnic hatred against Jews and Russians and promote neo-Nazi ideals; their members wear symbols that include the Celtic cross, which has replaced the swastika for many modern white-power groups associated with the German Nazism.

Mike Whitney in “False Flag in Odessa”:

Bottom line: There was nothing spontaneous about the clash that led to the catastrophic fire that killed 40 people in the Trade Unions House. It was a carefully planned and executed operation designed to shock Moscow into sending troops to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine. If the CIA is working in Kiev –as it is–there is no doubt that they either knew or actively assisted the operation.

Nick Bernabe in “The US Government Thinks it Can Fool Us Into a War With Russia”:

Now, as the US and allies in the West deliver billions in loans, tech and intel to the new central-banker-run government in Ukraine, Kiev is fully engaging (and killing) pro-Russian protesters in the East of Ukraine and even in the Southwestern port city of Odessa. Ahh yes, the sweet smell of selective humanitarianism.

Then –lockstep with American political talking heads– US media outlets immediately began referring to these pro-Russian (former) protesters as insurgents, militants, militiamen, radicals, separatists and terrorists just before the killing started a few months ago. They knew it was coming. 40 pro-Russians were burned alive in a building on Friday and there was hardly a mention of it in the news. You see, now the protesters are called terrorists so it’s okay to kill them. When did the media stop calling them protesters and start calling them terrorists? When it became politically convenient. Iraq remembers.

Eric Zuesse in “Civil War Has Begun in Ukraine: US-NATO Backs Neo-Nazi Paramilitary”:

For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians has been filmed by many people from many different angles and perspectives while it was happening, and is documented in extraordinary detail in ‘real time,’ the perpetrators having no fear of any negative consequences from their endeavor, and even cheering and celebrating the tortures and deaths as they were being imposed upon the helpless victims. 

The perpetrators were unconcerned, because what they were doing was what the government (which the U.S. had imposed upon their country and which U.S. taxpayers had spent more than 5 billion dollars to bring about there) had wanted them to do, and had helped to organize them to carry out. These people were just having fun, like a party to them, nothing really serious at all. Sort of like Stanley Kubrick’s movie A Clockwork Orange, more than, say Auschwitz (such a bore!). But, if so, a hundredfold more. And none of these people (tragically including the victims) were actors!” 


So many roasted corpses strewn around so many rooms of that building are hard to take, but the ones with gouged-out eyes are even harder to take; and the still photo of the young very pregnant woman who was lying on her back, half-draped over what was perhaps her work-desk there, after having been strangled to death by use of an electrical cord — a two-for-one killing occurring so late in a pregnancy — has a poignancy about it that is simply classic: this photo-image should be pinned to Barack Obama’s desk, perhaps near his Nobel Peace Prize.

In  “Odessa tragedy survivor: ‘Many people strangled after escaping the fire’” Tatyana Ivananko was interviewed by a Russia Today correspondent. Tatyana witnessed the atrocities at Odessa May 2nd when 45 people died after the local House of Trade Unions was set on fire.

“First of all, nobody expected such cruelty, and secondly, it was too late to escape,” Tatyana related. She explained that the crowd outside was shouting that they wouldn’t let anybody out.

According to her, the murderous thugs hurled Molotov cocktails at the building. The first and third floors burst into flames.Tatyana said that somehow these ferocious goons managed to get into the burning building and began strangling people or throwing them out windows. Outside, she added, “17-year-old hooligans were finishing people with bats.”

Eric Zuesse, aforementioned, writes of the continuation of the violence on May 9th:

“Today’s massacre is Mariupol. They are just shooting people. They shot 12 cops that would not take part and about 18 (number on the fly right now). They are using rpgs, tanks and mounted guns. It’s still going on. In Slavyansk they just shot a 12-year-old twice for wearing a St George ribbon [marking support for Russian-speaking Ukrainians].” ... [a message to him from an eastern Ukrainian]


In other words: this is going to be a war between, on the one side, Russian-speaking Ukrainians armed with hunting rifles; and, on the other side, Ukrainian Nazis armed by the U.S. ....


The central government ordered the local Odessa police to assist the Pravy Sektor people in this killing operation. At the start of that operation, a large number of the local police force publicly threw down their shields and walked off, very publicly resigning from the police force.

Mike Head in “Mariupol killings: US backs Ukrainian regime’s reign of terror”:

Anyone who opposes the present fascistic government is in mortal danger.


Mariupol is a major eastern Ukrainian city.  On May 9, 2014, tanks, armored personnel carriers and heavily armed troops were unleashed on unarmed civilians.  20 people at least were killed.  The Obama administration immediately blamed the “violent repression” on “pro-Russian separatists.”

Some police officers refused to fire on civilians and were barricaded inside the local Interior Ministry building.  Then the building, as one was in Odessa recently, was torched.  Government troops evacuated the city from throngs of outraged citizens.

Apparently the interim interior minister of Ukraine gloated on his Facebook page that security forces had killed 20 terrorists.  What the regime calls ANYONE who is protesting the illegitimate government – armed or unarmed.

Mariupol is a large working class port city with half a million people.  Western media simply whitewashes slaughter of protesting Ukrainians as “clashes with separatists”.  It is slaughter, massacre, murder of unarmed people – citizens, who are alarmed at the lawlessness of their new and lawless government.

Washington’s Blog writes in “US-NATO Encirclement of Russia: America Launched the Cold War Before the End of World War II”:

Joseph Stalin and the Soviets were key in helping the U.S. to defeat the Nazis. 20 million Russians died fighting the Nazis in World War II.
And yet the U.S. started competing against Stalin – and treating him like an enemy – before WWII had even ended.
The U.S. also admits that the U.S. and NATO also used false flag terror attacks to discredit the Soviets. For example:
The CIA admits that it hired Iranians in the 1950′s to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected prime minister
The former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” ...

How many Ukrainians will join the millions who have already died for US/NATO “disaster capitalism”? Over half the population protesting the overthrow of a democratically elected president by an undemocratic US-NATO sponsored coup? Or will even more of humanity than that die as the West proves it's arrogant and insane enough to provoke a nuclear war?


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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...then this wouldn't be such a shock.
I would suggest particularly U.S.'s industrial's place in world wide co-operation in the arms and material trade, between the U.S. and Nazis Germany.
Turn your outrage into something useful; like real change.
But, all kidding aside, the more things change, the more they're the same...

Submitted by lambert on

That's exactly what DCBlogger is doing, to the level best of her abilities. No judgment, but if you'd been here ten years, you'd know na khrab.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

My comment was to LL. I was conceived and born in war and it appears I'll die in war (nothing imminent, AFAIK). We humans just don't seem able to break the cycle...

Submitted by lambert on

From the London Review of Books (far better than NYRB these days, sadly):

The US and EU had in effect got what they wanted – an unequivocally pro-Western government in Kiev – and saw little reason to back down. The political provisions of the EU Association Agreement were signed in late March; by mid-April, CIA chief John Brennan was visiting the Ukrainian capital to offer Turchynov’s security officials the benefit of his advice. Moscow was now left with a decidedly second-best option: give up the central government in Ukraine as lost to the West, and push instead for a federalisation that would at least allow it to maintain its sway over the east. Hence its support for the pro-Russian protests that began to spread there in March, as local administration buildings came under siege and anti-Kiev ‘self-defence militias’ began to form. Many of these protests were the continuation of an ‘anti-Maidan’ movement that had emerged late last year – ostensibly in defence of the Yanukovych government, but reinforced by a more powerful rejection of the Maidan’s pro-Western turn. After the Crimean referendum, the character of these protests shifted, from disputing what kind of government Ukraine should have to debating whether the eastern regions should remain part of Ukraine at all. In early April, protesters who had seized the Donetsk regional council building declared a Donetsk People’s Republic, calling for a referendum on the region’s status; similar developments took place in Lugansk later that month.

Western governments decried these movements as mere puppets of the Kremlin, lacking any genuine popular support in the region – an ironic mirror-image of the Kremlin’s own claims about the Maidan groups being Western stooges and neo-Nazis. It certainly seems likely that the forces who have taken control of parts of Donetsk and Lugansk provinces benefited from logistical support from members of the Russian security services, who presumably wouldn’t have been involved without the Kremlin’s say-so. But to assume from this that Moscow has total control over events there is to overlook the complex reality on the ground, which seems to involve an often bizarre mix of personnel – local citizens, many with Soviet army training; nationalist ‘volunteers’ from across the former USSR; taciturn, mysteriously well-equipped Russians. It’s also not at all clear that the interests of eastern Ukraine’s pro-Russian groups are aligned with those of Russia itself.

I don't even know if Russia wants Donetsk and Lugansk. Coal mines, decaying industry, corruption like there's no tomorrow, even by the standards of Russian oligarchs. Putin has refused requests for military intervention before, so why would he accept a request for annexation? I wonder if Brennan is trying to deke Russia into an invasion that will bleed them for years.

And then there's the sketchy character of the referenda:

Whatever their other consequences, the 11 May referendums won’t help to clarify what the democratic preferences of the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk provinces actually are. Early reports suggested a landslide 89 per cent Yes vote in Donetsk and 96 per cent in Lugansk, on turnouts of 75 and 81 per cent respectively. But most of those inclined to vote against would have boycotted the poll as illegitimate, and there seemed to be no reliable voter lists, nor any particular desire to prevent people voting several times; so it’s not clear what relation the results bear to overall popular opinion. The whole process seems to have been much less slickly organised than in Crimea – the 3 million ballot papers in Donetsk were largely photocopies made by volunteers. The question itself was studiedly vague: ‘Do you support the act of independence/self-rule for the People’s Republic of Donetsk?’ The Russian word samostoyatelnost’ can mean ‘independence’ but also much less; it doesn’t necessarily imply a claim to full sovereignty. Even before the votes were counted, its organisers announced that another referendum would be held on 18 May to make a decision on whether to join Russia.

Here's how the bleeding would happen:

Whatever their level of support in Ukraine, these movements, combining nationalist appeals to Russian ethnicity and tradition with rebellious impulses to self-organisation, set an example Putin has no more desire to see emulated in Russia than he did the Maidan. This is another reason why he sought to distance himself from the referendums, and why he might prefer to see Turchynov crush the ‘people’s militias’ than see them succeed: they are not the natural allies, but the enemies of an oligarchic order whose local representative is the billionaire industrialist Serhiy Taruta, appointed governor of Donetsk by Kiev in early March, and whose Russian champion is Putin himself. It seems significant that, according to the mid-April poll by the Kiev International Sociology Institute, close to 40 per cent of respondents in Donetsk and a quarter of those in Lugansk favoured nationalisation of all property belonging to the country’s oligarchs.

Russian nationalists have taken to calling the Donetsk and Lugansk revolts a ‘Russian Spring’. The analogy with the Arab uprisings is misplaced, because the revolts have happened outside Russia and the regime equivalent to Mubarak’s or Ben Ali’s is still in power. But if what befell them were to be repeated in Moscow, Putin’s very success in monopolising the political system and stifling dissent would leave behind him an institutional landscape as empty as that in eastern Ukraine. In that sense, the streets of Donetsk offer one vision of what a ‘Russia without Putin’ might look like.

It's an interesting read, and I'd welcome a critique by somebody who knows more than I do; it's enough for me to intensely labor to fail to understand Thailand :-)

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This from a Guardian article today;
Why do we tolerate the threat of another world war in our name? Why do we allow lies that justify this risk? The scale of our indoctrination, wrote Harold Pinter, is a "brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis", as if the truth "never happened even while it was happening".

Every year the American historian William Blum publishes his "updated summary of the record of US foreign policy" which shows that, since 1945, the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; grossly interfered in elections in 30 countries; bombed the civilian populations of 30 countries; used chemical and biological weapons; and attempted to assassinate foreign leaders.

Link here;

The answers are profound and highly disturbing.
But, Pogo said it best; "We have met the enemy, and he is us..."