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UPDATED - #BlackLivesMatter Video of "Conversation" with Hillary Clinton Vaporized?

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As of 50 minutes ago, per Tweeting by BlackLivesMatterBOS this supposed video will be shown live on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. I don't watch TV, nor do I follow or listen to Maddow. But hopefully whatever is being released will soon be available on YouTube. This is all a bit precious, staged and MSM-friendly for a video made by a supposedly in-your-face "organic" activist group. I'm about ready to write of BLMBOS as a discrete faction under the broader #BlackLivesMatter umbrella that is composed of arrivistes seeking primarily to land plum positions with the Black Misleadership Class and/or inside the HRC campaign identity-politics PR machine.

Here's the screenshot of the Tweet announcing the live showing of the closed-door "conversation" that BLM-BOS supposedly had with HRC (with no press in the room).

After #BlackLivesMatter Boston representatives met with Hillary Clinton and her campaign privately in Keene on August 11, they told press that although no media had been in the room, they (#BLM Boston) had video'd their discussion with HRC.

There's even an August 12 tweet from #BLM Boston announcing the release of the video soon, and with great excitement.

It's now August 16 - five full days later. Still no video published. Though numerous appearances by BLM-ers who were in the room with HRC paraphrasing what was said and what BLM felt was accomplished.

So did this video end up on HRC's private server?

The non-appearance stacks up on a pile of bizzarre circumstances surrounding that no-press, behind-closed-doors meeting.

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