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Update on Noah's Ark Animal Seizure in Long Beach, CA

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The Long Beach Press Telegram reports the following:

On Friday, Kyrklund won a bid in a San Pedro court for a restraining order against the Long Beach Animal Control. That ruling keeps Animal Control veterinarians from euthanizing any of the dogs or cats seized Wednesday.

The restraining order expires on Sept. 8, when lawyers for both sides will reconvene to determine if the order should be extended.

After the 10 days are up, investigators plan to file their case with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, Quigley said.

"There is a lot of evidence, a huge amount of documentation in a case like this," the lieutenant said. "We will be ready to present our case by Sept. 5."

In the meantime, the animals are being held as evidence in the criminal case, Quigley said Monday.

Rest of the story is here.

What was frightening was the Long Beach Animal Control's actions seeking to essentially bar the rescued dog's (and cat's) veterinarian from examining and providing care for the animals. Imagine denying medical care from a primary doctor to humans: the doctor who knew the history of the animals, their medications, temperments, etc--a doctor who was not charged in the case. It smacks of "bad faith" and of not admininstering the best possible care for the animals in question.

Remember: the animals that Noah's Ark took in were not "poster pets" but instead elderly, sick, abandoned, rescued and/or abused dogs and cats.

These events give the appearance that there is something going on politically here. The good news is that L.A.B.C. is being watched, just as surely as Noah's Ark is--transparency cuts both ways.

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