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UPDATE: GOOD MAGAZINE Has Video UP -- RAW has Leaked Video of #BLM-Boston Meeting with Hillary Clinton

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UPDATE. Good Magazine has the HRClinton - BLM-Boston Video - officially ....

I found this at RAW, where it was supposedly available August 15th.

Link to the RAW page. Video is broken up into 2 or 3 youtube segments.

I have not watched it yet but plan to shortly.

I'm wondering what "leaked" means in this context .... Ah, heck. It's all too eleventy-dimensional for me at this point. I'm just going and watch the video, with some ice cream.

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A sad and dispiriting thing, this "conversation" between five members of #BlackLivesMatter-Boston and Hillary Clinton (and her male handler who tried to interrupt (and hend) the "conversation" after BLM confronted HRC about her direct historic support for draconian sentencing and other ingrediants of the Carceral State (which disproportionately has corralled blacks).

Concrete policy demands or bust. Otherwise #BlackLivesMatter as a whole fizzles into irrelevance.

I like Lambert's proposal for ending the reign of terror where white cops are whacking blacks for sport. "Take away their cars, their guns, and make them walk the beat. All of it."

I'd also add: Obama to declare a state of national emergency in re police murders of blacks and bring in DOJ into every town where the police departments are obviously functioning as lynch mobs and install National Guard until further notice.

Worked when Governor Faubus was behaving (very) badly.

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...too. Exactly as I expected; which is why Hillary needs to quit the race. She's played out the bad theater long enough...

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I need to expand my comment; HRC is obviously out of her element with BLM; it's so obvious. She genuinely cannot relate; there is no warmth; only defensive responses to questions she doesn't answer.
While no fan of Bernie (or any other candidate), he's crushing her. Trump, with allegiance to no party, has ignored the political filter and answered straight out on every talking point.
I give him credit for not caving to PC; regardless of his prejudices.
The crucial point for me is that every man jack one of them (political animals/Americans) are a racist; Trump outs his racism for all to see.
I don't like it, but it's honest and straight to the point; you can't fight what you can't see.
Trump and Sanders are nuking U.S. politics: About fucking time...

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I'm sorry that I did not see this earlier, I was beginning to wonder if there was any tape at all! Unfortunately the actual video on these links has already been taken down, but I look forward to seeing them soon.

Thanks for posting this!

From the Perry interview it looks like there is support within the organization for the interventionist method of getting attention for the cause, but I have to wonder why they just didn't attempt to set up videotaped meetings or debates with the candidates before going to such lengths. Maybe it is just me, but that seems so unnecessarily confrontational and inconducive to substantive policy talks. Leading with an attack (as with Sanders) just is not very effective in gaining ones' goals.