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Unrestricted submarine blog commenting

Go read the excellent and interesting comments thread on the USS Hampton at Bubbleheads. This comment caught my eye (and I hope I'm not cherry-picking it; I'm certainly not trying to):

Maybe I am naive, but I really thought that Nukes were genetically incapable of doing something like this. Even a fleet fireman will go alone down into the same hot, noisy shaft alley at 0300, to record bearing temperatures that haven't varied in the last 6 weeks, because that is what he is expected and depended on to do. That is what boot camp training is about; doing what your shipmates depend on you to do, no matter how tired you are and/or how stupid you think it is.

Nuclear training takes that concept and instills an understanding of how important seemingly trivial details can/should be.

That it would appear that the entire ELT gang would and could, blow-off primary chemistry for a month, indicates a problem that goes way beyond a single boat.

Like we said: "systemic".

Or this:

Regarding relief crews for SSNs, I recall what our OpTempo was when I got out in '90. I can only imagine what it's like today with the drastically reduced number of SSNs, the Bear still active, the ongoing MidEast, and other up and coming trouble makers in the Far East quickly developing deep water navies.

Like we said. "OpTempo".

Interesting stuff. Go read and educate yourself.

UPDATE Know your submarines. Since one of the many benefits of Iraq was Bush asset-stripping the Army of personnel on behalf of the mercenaries, it's not beyond possibility that the same revolution in military affairs is slated for the Navy when "we" go to war with Iran. Why not privatize everything? Via Make your depth.

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