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University of California....

Somebody post or comment on this, please!

What are the students saying and doing? Just because they aren't necessarily from our generation....

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Submitted by S Brennan on

"...of a three-day system wide strike"

Three days...three days....three days, hell getting folks out for one day is hard enough. When I went through University, even with GI I had to work...and go to school for engineering, which at that level of competition is no cakewalk...who are these self appointed idiots?

Submitted by lambert on

I guess I'd say "volunteer" or "activist" or possibly "engaged citizen" rather than "self-appointed idiot."

And I'm much more interested in their views on policy than whatever tactical mistakes they may, or may not, have made.

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They're part of my generation. I hope they force the state government to reconsider their draconian education cuts.

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Cause poor folk can't afford it.

If tuition was much more expensive for me as an undergrad, I probably wouldn't have my fancy ass PhD from a top program in my field. As it was, I had to juggle 30 hours of work (on top of two research projects, and a greater than full time schedule). And I was even able to get research fellowship money to help pay.

My life probably would be much different if I were prohibited from school if tuition were significantly higher. But that's kinda what the aristocracy wants, I suppose. Fuck that!