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Unions grow

Good news:

Union Membership Grew in 2008

In labor news, the percentage of American workers belonging to unions has grown for the first time in years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the number of unionized workers grew by 428,000, to 16.1 million.


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Submitted by Sarah on

Jared Bernstein and Alan Grayson, respectively Biden's chief economist and a frosh FL Dem Representative with a (big, evidently) background in qui tam suits against Halliburton/KBR?

Submitted by lambert on

I've got vaguely good feelings about Berntstein, but I still haven't forgiven Biden for the bankruptcy bill.

Now Grayson is cool -- and he goes so far as to hire, well, not DFHs, but next door to 'em...

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Submitted by Sarah on

I also know Biden wasn't its singlehanded golden-haired champion, y'dig?

There's some indication that the Bankruptcy Bill had a lot to do with the (oh my, nobody could have foreseen) belly-up condition of heavily credit-pushing financial institutions about, what, six to 18 months down the timeline?

Of course, that's just me, and IANA financier, nor do I play one on TV. But here's the deal from where I sit: you make it harder for people to pay what they owe and then you make it impossible for them to negotiate a payment they can handle, you should not be surprised when they walk away, leaving the keys in the mailbox or on the kitchen table (or throwing 'em off the nearest bridge and leaving the place unlocked so you have to clean up after the copper thieves, squatters, etc. if you're the 'possessor' in that contract).

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Submitted by Damon on

I hope its not a fluke. It's still way down from the 50's. It's always so funny that conservatives talk about the imaginary giant union boogey-man, especially now, and especially when you compare our union history with that of somewhere like Europe. Even as of these latest figures only 7.6% of those are in the private sector (where you need unions the most), while a government workers have a unionization rate of 36.8% according to the data. It's all so piecemeal.