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Unilaterial campaign finance reform

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Money in politics only has the power we concede to it. As long as we only support candidates with TV Commericals, direct mail efforts, and extensive social media campaigns, money will have power. If we only support candidates with extensive paid staff and plush headquarters, money will rule. But what if we changed our view of what constitutes a credible candidate? Suppose we decided that anyone with the money for TV and radio commericals was bought and paid for? What if we immediately eliminated them from our consideration.

Currently politicians consider that if you can raise the necessary funds, you can attract the popular support. Currently those are correct assumptions. We can change that, we can decide that anyone with big money backing and support of the Very Serious People is an anathma.

Human nature being what it is, this would not be sustainable; but in the current climate if we start pushing this idea, that anyone with serious money has been bought and should be disregarded, it is just possible that it might take off.

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