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Unemployment Noise, Pink Slips Are The New Black, US Unemployed, Stuff Unemployed People Like, and I'm sure many more. Sadly, or frighteningly*, a lot of the blogrolled sites are dead and gone.

Nobody should be advocating for palliatives on unemployment. Look around you, at your roads, sewers, schools, broadband. Do you see urban gardens growing food? Do you see weatherization that needs to be done? There's work everywhere. If there's nobody hired to do it, that's a market failure, and the government should remedy it with a jobs guarantee. And so what if the shills for the legacy parties say it's not "politically feasible" and the flat earth economists start yammering about ratios? It's what we need to be done.

NOTE * Given the statistics, it's not that likely these unemployed bloggers got jobs.

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just found out, no notice, that her unemployment has probably run out. (She's going to call them tomorrow.) It's one thing I'd been afraid of, given the actions out of Washington recently.