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The ultimate rent: Paying to spend

In Europe, cash could be abolished in five years.* Nobody's talking about that here**, which probably means it's going to happen. What an opportunity for looting that's going to be! What happens when everybody uses a card for cash?

Can you imagine the banks won't take a bite every time you swipe? And the beauty part is, they'd be charging you to use your own money!

We are really going to need those alternative currencies....

NOTE Via Yves, of course.

NOTE * Original link in Dutch.

NOTE ** That I know of. Readers?

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Probably because it would interfere with large untraceable transfers of cash to: (take your pick), US politicians-large and small (heard tell of the Krugerrands in the ceiling of the Detroit Chief of Police?), arms dealers, drug smugglers, large institutions in "private" banking countries, governments to private contractors..oh we can't go there.., etc, etc, etc. Until the transfer of monies can become reliably secret...ain't gonna happen (we LUV dem hackers)

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that we may be saved by the rents-greed of bankers by the dependence of Versailles on other criminal enterprises.

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transactions, and have been doing so since at least 1996....related to the increasing popularity of debit and credit cards...the big push for a "cashless society" began back in the 70"s, and a stronger push for more digitalized control and tracking of money transactions has been happening since the 90's. The talk of doing away with paper checks, both in Britain and elsewhere, is basically an attempt to wrest control of money exchanges, (and the profits to be squeezed from them) from banks to commercial credit institutions (altho recently, since the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the distinction is moot in this country, which may explain the mooing from Britain's banks)

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I found that book one of the most chilling I have ever read. Even back then it seemed to be something which could happen. And the start for total control was indeed doing away with cash.

No problemo...until women had to have the permission of a male to use their accounts....

Margaret Atwood, published 1985.

I tend to have very dry skin and am always putting on hand lotion. If I wash my hands without using lotion immediately, my skin feels dry and soon my finger pads feel like they have micro Velcro hooks catching on certain fabrics.

In the book, the handmaids are not permitted any cosmetics, including hand, face, or body lotions. The protagonist tells about hiding any bits of butter she can get hold of in order to use it as a balm for her chapped hands.

I still cringe at the thought. Shudder. Get chills thinking of the loss of autonomy.

(Interestingly, for the few months that I had lots of energy after my thyroidectomy, bcz prior to the remnant thyroid tissue being ablated with radioactive iodine it was producing some genuine, normal thyroid hormones, I had no problems at all with dry skin. It was so much less dry that I could wash dishes without using rubber gloves. Had to wash my hair more often, but, hey, I had energy to burn and no dry skin. I had a little trouble dealing with hot weather, but in cold weather I hardly needed long sleeves. All my turtlenecks went unused! Oh, and lost weight like magic. Terrific trade off.

Since ablation, back to more fatigue and very, very dry skin. Usual body temp, however, is still somewhat higher than before all this thyroid stuff was discovered, so I tend to not feel so cold I have to wear outdoor layers indoors. And I can keep the indoor temp much lower and feel comfortable.)

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An author that ranks with Philip K Dick and George Orwell for chilling prescience. The longer I live, the more fiction becomes fact, and I am constantly attempting to remind myself that what I'm living is REAL. not just fantasy.

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Thanks, HotPeach. Further confirmation.

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If you were designing an effective means of ethnic or class-based cleansing in the modern world, would you allow people to carry cash across borders?

Wouldn't you like access to a refugee's banking data, just in case you need to set your mordida rate accordingly?

In our world, an bankcard leads to a SSN, DOB, all the juicy info the guvmint required to open an account , to fight money laundering. Where are the people who protested the number of the beast marking people through ID cards, about this?