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Ukraine: Propaganda Hides Imperialist Rape/Fascist Violence


So, let us of the global 99% watch the war of the Olympic-god-like oligarchs and their pimped out Western AND Eastern political leaders devastate more and more of our collective welfare in the Ukraine, Europe, Russia, here. Let us note the colossal devastation done and still being done in the Middle East, Africa, etc.

Are any of us of the 99% of world citizenries being consulted on the dire economic and military decisions being made by the rich ruling class crony capitalist elites? Their interests and agendas are sociopathic ones, profits over people. We of the 99% of humanity not being consulted on profoundly devastating decision-making for us need to keep focused and un-brainwashed by CORPORATE media propaganda. Every reckless foreign policy misadventure our government engineers and/or becomes involved in impacts negatively so much of humanity, including us.

In “US-EU sanctions against Russia: A barely veiled threat of war” Alex Lantier declares that American and European imperialism is “setting into motion a confrontation that could easily end in disaster” and that this confrontation being posed has NO support among the working class communities of both the Europe and the US.

Obama seems to be making up international law as he goes along. He accuses Russia of breaking international law in its aggression in the Ukraine, but it was the US and EU that supported a coup there that toppled a democratically elected, though corrupt, president. A coup that was successful because the US and EU aided and abetted dangerous neo-Nazi militias who now are significantly and dangerously empowered in the present government.

The Crimean referendum on secession Obama declared was unconstitutional and anti-international law as he defends an already illegitimate government. A fascist junta. And why would a democratic “referendum” in Crimea be unconstitutional and illegal and where does the US get off making that determination?

What a hypocritical stance, additionally, of the US since the “right to pre-emptive war-making” was instigated by the Bush regime and has continued under Obama’s. As for the "spreading of democracy" and "humanitarian intervention" cravenly mendacious justifications, are we really that naive still after 25 years of nation-destroying on the part of the US and NATO? Hello???

The top security forces in the Ukraine right now are primarily Western-backed neo-Nazis of the Svoboda Party and the Right Sector. For now these militias are beholding to and answerable to western imperialists, NOT the Ukrainian people. These groups have a “violent hostility” to Russia and to ethnic Russians within the Ukraine. These dangerous groups will soon be armed with sophisticated weaponry from NATO. They were convenient to the US and EU for regime change, but there is hostility among these fascist groups to outside western powers. Nevertheless, they are being empowered and armed by the western powers!!! WTF? There seems far more danger within the Ukraine with these fascist paramilitaries than from the outside from Russia. They are a reasonable justification for Russia's intervention. This is no biggie to the western corporate media.

The realpolitik goals of the US and the EU have nothing to do with the welfare of the Ukrainian people. Quite the opposite. They are to make the Ukraine into an anti-Russia military outpost and to economically exploit the Ukraine with more imperialist disaster capitalism.

Alex Lantier points out how many ex-Soviet countries have been reduced by western "gangster capitalist oligarchies" to a “semi-colonial” status for cheap labor and rich natural and industrial resources.

Apparently for two decades most of the top politicians of the Ukraine, whether pro-West or pro-Russian, have been millionaires or billionaires who have massively economically exploited Ukrainians.

In “Who Benefits From Ukraine’s Economic Crisis? (Hint: Not Average Ukrainians)” Jack Rasmus explains that one reason the Yanukovich government in December decided to forego another IMF deal was its harshness. It was demanding that gas subsidies for households be reduced 50%, that pensions be cut, that more privatization of government assets and property happen, and that there be even more drastic cuts in social spending.

Yatsenyuk, new interim prime minister of the post-coup government, has asserted he will accept ANY conditions the IMF and the EU make on the people of the Ukraine. It would seem Ukrainians have left the proverbial frying pan and entered the fire.


Cutting gas subsidies will not only result in removal of income for household spending who lose the subsidies, it will also result in sharp increases in gas prices that will reduce spending by nearly all households.

Then there’s the likely IMF demand for pension cuts. Particularly hard hit by the IMF deal will be elderly women households, who receive the majority of the pensions and which are spent to support children and grandchildren.

The cuts to gas subsidies and pensions, and rising gas prices, will reduce consumption immediately (and therefore GDP immediately) easily by more than $10 billion.

Rasmus explains that most of the $15 billion IMF loan to the Ukraine will go to repaying western banks. He writes:

To briefly summarize in terms of just the net impacts of the EU/IMF deal,  ‘Who Benefits’ include: western European banks who will continue to receive principal and interest payments from the IMF that would had defaulted;  global currency speculators who will be able to sell Ukrainian currency to the Ukrainian central bank at a subsidized price, Ukrainian companies that will be given export credits to continue selling to western Europe and the western Europe companies that import the Ukrainian exports at a more attractive price.

Those ‘Who Pay’ and who lose include: majority of Ukrainian households that will have their real income reduced as they pay higher prices for gas, Ukrainian elderly who will have their pensions cut, Ukrainian government workers who will lose their jobs, and all Ukrainian households who will lose other government services.

Another capitalist angle in all of this Rasmus brings up concerns natural gas. The US wants to have Europe, particularly Germany, dependent on US natural gas which the US is building a surplus of thanks to the environmentally-damaging “fracking.” Destroying Russia’s customer base in Europe will help gas corporations in the US. I read elsewhere it will also help Israel, which has been eerily quiet about the neo-Nazism of the Ukraine and is on board with the Russia demonization.

Another important capitalist angle for controlling the Ukraine, and isolating Russia from trade, concerns agribusiness. For example, Wheat exports from the US to Europe will be at an advantage if Russia is out of the picture.

Also, the US defense and military industry will gain more nervous customers now that the cold war with Russia has heated up to such a high degree for the NATO countries.

Multinational companies are circling the Ukraine like vultures. There will be investment opportunities with its nuclear power and hydroelectric generation, especially since western countries want it reduced in their neighborhoods. The Ukraine has a well educated technical workforce of professionals to be exploited. It has advanced ship-building, automotive-building industries. It has shale gas reserves. It has 30% of the world’s richest soil producing grain, sugar, vegetable oil, etc., at far lower costs than Europe.

Rasmus writes:

What the west wants is for its corporations to get its hands on these industries and their products and to integrate them into their multinational corporations’ global expansion and production plans.

They will be aided by the IMF as part of its ‘foreign direct investment’ requirements of any EU/IMF bailout deal. As these multinationals ‘invest’ in the Ukraine, western banks will be paid significant fees (and allow Ukrainian banks to share as junior partners in the process). Downsizing and ‘restructuring’ of these Ukrainian industries will follow to integrate them to the global plans of the western multinationals. Ukrainians will lose jobs in these promising sectors, as their wages stagnant, and benefits are cut—as is the case going on globally for workers in all these industries today including the EU and USA.

The vulture capitalists are not concerned for the long-term consequences of social and economic devastation and racist oppression of the people of the Ukraine and even the possible outbreak of a nuclear war! Rasmus:

With the secession of the Crimea the Ukrainian crisis, economically and politically now shifts to a new level.  As the economic crisis deepens in the country, demands for secession will grow elsewhere in the eastern Ukraine as well. How the Ukraine government and the USA/EU chooses to address that likelihood will be critical. Further political unrest and uncertainty will mean more economic crisis, as business investment and production stalls and employment and inflation rises.

The response to the growing economic problems by the post-Coup government in Kiev will also prove critical.  With its security forces now being led by proto-fascist elements that want above all a military conflict between the EU/USA and Russia, the great danger is that those proto-fascist forces may provoke a military conflict in an attempt to draw in NATO forces.  Should that occur, then Ukraine’s economic crisis will be the least of its problems.

As we watch more economic terrorism spread at home and abroad let’s not be jerked around by false, pavlovian media-incited anti-Russia patriotism. Let’s face down the continuing and growing economic and political oppression by the elite and sociopathic 1% on the 99% of humankind. Let’s also remember that the military opportunistic and reckless foreign policy of America is based on the needs of the oligarchic overlords of our politicians and not the needs of us as a citizenry.

I’ll end with this perspective posted on Black Agenda Report:

U.S. Billions for Ukrainian Fascists, Cuts for Hungry American Children

Washington is offering $10 billion in loan guarantees to the partly-fascist government of Ukraine, while cutting $8 billion in food stamp benefits to Americans, said Sara Flounders, of the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC). “That is literally stealing food from the mouths of children,” she said. UNAC held demonstrations in 18 cities last week, to protest U.S. support for the coup in Ukraine. “The encirclement of Russia – and China – is what it’s all about,” said Flounders.

One more time I’ll say it. We need a paradigm shift away from patriarchy, its murderous militarism, competition, power, profits over people, win/lose orientation, to a paradigm of humanism with a peace, empathy, cooperation, partnership, win/win orientation.

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Jay's picture
Submitted by Jay on

Well said. I explained to my son that these were grown-up preschoolers fighting in the sandbox, but with nuclear weapons, and that nothing but tears could come from it. The only way to explain anything that happens these days is to simply "follow the money," as a famous informant once said. Russia's leaders are morally equivalent to ours, but without the risible stink of hypocrisy about democracy, humanitarianism, corruption, preemption, you name it. And when everything they do is about control of money and resources, everything they touch turns to shit, like a copro-Midas touch, and they are incapable of doing anything just, right, or magnanimous unless there is some promise of remuneration. For which they seek praise.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Jay, Appreciate your take. There is so much secrecy and mendacity from our government to us. The war and power and money addicts have lost their moral grounding -- are shameless. Their contempt for the so-called people they should be representing is endless. Follow the money is right. I just read on Black Agenda Report about the craven fracking in our country producing shale gas that will be used to replace the trade of conveniently demonized Russia in Europe.

Co-pro Midas touch well said. We do seem to live in a post-morality world. Humanitarian card is so lazily and often abused along with false patriotism and political party cronyism cards that the US majority seems to have learned nothing from Vietnam or Iraq or Gitmo or Abu Ghraib, etc, etc, etc.

Thanks for commenting!

best, libby

jo6pac's picture
Submitted by jo6pac on

Obama seems to be making up international law as he goes along.

Great line and so true just like he makes up Amerikan law because we all now that Amerika is above the law. It's like tricky dick said with a twist, If Amerika does it then its good and any one we don't like because they won't toe the line then they're bad.

Oh on another note you should be proud of your ban;)

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Thanks Jo for commenting once again! Yes, Obama makes up law as he goes along and he also likes to speak as if he is the voice of "international law." The vast enthrallment of so many of the goose-stepping Dem Party members still is depressing. Obama is the American Judas. I said that long ago, and he only becomes more betraying with time. But he is an effective stifler of dissent for HIS overlords, the oligarchs, who presume to use mass murder and economic terrorism to add to their profit-making.

I attempted to post and comment on daily kos and didn't make it through a week without being censored. Wow. No range of communication there. A kind of MSNBC blindered tightrope of cherrypicking to mix my metaphors.

best, libby

V. Arnold's picture
Submitted by V. Arnold on

...One more time I’ll say it. We need a paradigm shift away from patriarchy, its murderous militarism, competition, power, profits over people, win/lose orientation, to a paradigm of humanism with a peace, empathy, cooperation, partnership, win/win orientation."

Don't entirely disagree, however, besides Elizabeth Warren, most of the female political animals are no better than the men. Hillary being one of the worst.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

V. Arnold, so great to see you again! Thanks. The "humanism" I speak of should not be linked with gender -- I don't use the word "feminine" or "feminism" (even though I got this rhetoric and sensibility from Marion Woodman who does use the word "feminine" -- an essence) only in the sense of yin force vs. yang force, not in terms of biology. There is still chauvinism and misogyny but it exists among women, too. And God save us from ambitious females, especially political ones, including Hillary, Susan and Condi Rice, Power and so many others who are willing to play Trojan Horses for patriarchy, busy overcompensating for being women by being as sociopathic or more so than the worst of the men!!! So let's use "humanism" since it is not about gender, it is about sensibility. I am glad you brought that up.

best, libby

V. Arnold's picture
Submitted by V. Arnold on

...I like egalitarian: aiming for equal wealth, status, etc., for all people-MW