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UK Uncut to turn banks into mock hospitals


Campaigners dressed in doctors' coats and armed with fake blood are planning to close 30 high street banks on Saturday in the biggest direct action to date against proposed changes to the NHS.

More than 30 groups across the country are expected to occupy major high street banks, turning them into mock hospitals and setting up "operating theatres" inside to draw attention to the banks' role in creating the deficit.

Dubbed "the emergency operation", the national action has been organised by the anti-austerity campaigning group UK Uncut, which has staged a series of campaigns against tax avoidance and public spending reductions since it was formed in October.

Health worker and UK Uncut supporter Rosie Beech, 29, who will be joining the protest, said: "David Cameron said he wasn't going to cut the NHS. He lied. 50,000 NHS staff will lose their jobs, whilst the taxpayer continues to subsidise the banks. Why is the government cutting the NHS and privatising what's left rather than forcing our broken banking system to pay up?"

In a sign of increasing unity between trade unions and direct action groups, the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) is encouraging members to attend UK Uncut actions.

Unity between trade unions and direct action groups is very good news. Maybe that can happen here. After all, the direct action groups don't have the history of betrayal that the Ds do. Card check, anyone?

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