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Two Petitions from Corrente. Please sign!

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Oakland and Albany - worlds apart geographically and in terms of their treatment of The Occupation Movement.

Lambert (and Coyote Creek) have posted two petitions on to let NY Governor Andrew Coumo (a Democrat!) and Albany (NY) Mayor Jerry Jennings know that Albany County DA, P.David Soares made a sane, civil and morally correct decision when he went against their explicit orders and decided not to prosecute Occupy Albany protestors.

Please go to these two petition links (one for Cuomo and the other for Jennings) and sign each petition. WE NEED TO LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT, IN THE UNITED STATES, THERE IS A WAY TO REACT TO A LOCAL OCCUPATION WITHOUT SHOOTING RUBBER BULLETS AT U.S. CITIZENS.

Thank DA Soares for his brave - and morally correct - actions.

.....In a sane and civil response to the Occupy Movement, Albany County (NY) District Attorney P. David Soares is refusing to prosecute Occupy Albany participants for their peaceful exercise of their First Amendment rights. In response to orders from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, Soares saw the wisdom of a peaceful law enforcement response, saying: “The protesters have been fine. We’ve been maintaining a great dialogue with the organizers and for the most part a lot of credit should go to the organizers for maintaining a wonderful protest.”

There are two petitions, one to Governor Cuomo and the other to the Albany Mayor. PLEASE SIGN BOTH PETITIONS AND THEN SHARE/PASS THEM ALONG TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Thank you.

Here are the petitions:

To the mayor:

To the Governor:


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Submitted by twig on

Nice to see a DA defying orders like this.

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Submitted by twig on

Thanks for putting this together (and for the shout out :-)) Now to round up some socks for NY!

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

(Did you sign both petitions?)

P.S. Twig makes great felted bags!

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Submitted by Jeff W on

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If I can “unsubscribe at any time,” why can’t I opt out of getting those email messages in the first place?

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... which would bug me if they were on their way up or on top, but after Occupy started, they're so clearly on the way down....