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Two in one day?

This is weird:

One of the large mental health hospitals in Israel was recently surprised to receive a young, good-looking patient in a psychotic state who was accompanied by a personal security guard, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday.

The doctors, who asked why the woman was accompanied by a guard, were shocked to learn that she was a Mossad agent and that the security guard was not assigned to her in order assure her safety or protect her life, but to ensure that she not reveal any state secrets in her shaky mental state.

The Mossad guard's orders were clear: "It is forbidden that the organization's secrets be passed on to those unauthorized to hear them." The doctors, who are unaccustomed to the presence of a third party during their treatment sessions, were left with no choice but to acquiesce to their demands. In addition, the staff had to receive a security clearance before being allowed to work on her exceptional case.

To their complete amazement, another young woman, also accompanied by a secret agent charged with ensuring that the she not leak any state secrets, arrived at the institution just a short time later. The doctors learned that she, too, is a Mossad agent.

Experts said Saturday that the nature of the young women's work was most likely the cause of their psychosis.

Well, possibly.

I think it's a lot more likely that the two sought help not because of the generalized "nature of their work" but because of something they saw, or discovered, or did the day before (or even that very day).

Whatever it was can't have been very pleasant, and probably makes Abu Ghraib look like Disneyland.

NOTE Can't remember where I found this, or I'd hat tip it.

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The logic of instrumentality leads to chambers of horror.

These people are doing something about it (and they don't fight against campaign finance reforms, unlike the ACLU).