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Two Notes on the Rowan County Marriage Controversy

1) Kim Davis was well aware that her job might require her to issue marriage licenses to gay people before she was elected and took her oath of office

McKinney said he prays with Davis in her office every few days. He’s one of many religious supporters celebrating her stand. They applaud Davis’ evangelical conviction to uphold her beliefs despite repeated rulings from federal courts that her personal views can’t get in the way of her official duties.

McKinney said the legalization of same-sex marriage is a sign of the “end times.”

“She told me before she was elected. It’s passing in other states and stuff, she said I can’t do it if she was elected to office. If it comes to Kentucky, she said I just can’t do it, being the will of God," McKinney said. (emphasis added)

IMHO, this is evidence of malfeasance -- she perjured herself in taking her oath of office, knowing that she would not be able to "... faithfully execute the duties of my office without favor, affection or partiality..."

2) Steve Beshear really should convene a special session of the Kentucky Legislature, as a number of state politicians have requested. The Obergefell decision did not come down until June, while the Kentucky legislative session ended on March 25. This being the case, the legislature should be given the chance to amend its laws in a way that would get Davis out of jail.

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part I love is she is a good xristen she on her 4th husband. Jail and fired, yes.

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Her supporters claim that the "so help me Gawd" part supercedes all that other silly stuff in her oath. Whatever she does while in office can't defy the laws of Gawd (per her my-way or the highway interpretation), or else it's in violation of her oath.