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Twitter geekery sought

I foresee a continuing need to cover events like danps just did in OH, via twitter from the ground. (I'm OK with twitter as long as I know the sourcing, which is why the feeds from AJE, the Guardian, and the BBC are so useful, because they're curated).

What I don't know is if one can send to twitter from any cell, via (say) SMS, or whether a plan is required, or whether something fancy like an iPhone is needed, or what. Readers?

Also, if any of you are traveling to events, and would like to do as dan did, just for the event, I can set you up in the sidebar, just like I did for dan. Thanks!

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Submitted by wlarip on

To Post Your Tweet via Text Message:
Another way (some say the best way!) to post updates is from your cell phone. First, set up your phone to link to your Twitter account, then simply send your message as a text to your appropriate Twitter short code.

i surmise anyone who follows you will see your SMS posts.

Submitted by lambert on

Incidentally, if you think about it, a cheap throwaway cell might be the best way to do this.... So a post would be good to have.

"First, set up your phone to link to your Twitter account..." isn't something I know to do. How do I know that my (contract) phone will do it, and so forth...

Submitted by wlarip on

go to my twitter account via the web.

then use the settings option and go to mobile.

there you can add a cell phone number and it will wait for verification.

from the cell, send a txt to the short form number 40404 with the word Go in the body of the message.

when twitter receives, it will mark your phone as verified and attach it to your twitter account.

i think tweets from that phone will be posted to your account and your followers can see them.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

I had trouble finding "settings' in the new Twitter. It is in a pull down below my name. I'm feral cat on Twitter, by the by.

Now I'm off to a school board meeting where they have "budget" problems and are thinking of getting rid of the art teacher.

Submitted by hipparchia on

twitter informs me that you have protected your tweets.

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Submitted by LostClown on

over at twitter and since I only tweet during high news periods and some sports games (Blackhawks/Cubs, but not lately b/c I can't be arsed) I'm pretty low on the twitter feed except when something's happening. Last time I super-tweeted was Iran after the election.