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Twilight of the Ezra Kleins

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If only. Greenwald:

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein has an amazing post in which he trumpets what he calls the "Twilight of the Interest Groups" reflected by likely passage of the health care bill (h/t).  Why are Interest Groups -- once so powerful in Washington -- now banished to their "twilight"?  Because, says Ezra, "the Obama administration succeeded at neutralizing every single industry."  If, by "neutralizing," Ezra means "bribing and accommodating them to such an extreme degree that they ended up affirmatively supporting a bill that lavishes them with massive benefits," then he's absolutely right. 

What's amazing about it?

Broder's looking better every day!

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"Everyone would love to be forced into a 'twilight' like that. "

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Broder????!!!1!! I quit reading Ezra months ago, rarely bother with the 2 ex-Republicans Kos or Balloon Juice either. Wandered by BJ and they're partying like this a HUUUUUGE WINNNN!